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red dreads
sidheside wrote in wow_ladies
Hello! I've been a member of this community on and off for years. I recently decided to clean out my past online life and deleted my old journals. I don't really have anything to say in particular. But my account's been shut off for awhile because I'm dirt poor and I'm missing the game more and more. I'd just gotten a new WoW account in November but life hit me hard last month and between losing my job, having to move in with someone I'd known for 2 days at a festival, and getting used to living in a town I know no one in PLUS starting school online... it was chaos. Not even counting the holidays.

I miss WoW so much. I have been reading and drawing a lot lately to pass my free time but with the new patch and stuff... I'm starting to lose interest in those things as the desire for WoW grows. I miss talking in vent, questing, leveling, etc.

How do you ladies handle not having WoW when life gets in the way?

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