Lilith (lilith_queen) wrote in wow_ladies,

Hide of Chromaggus/Passive Resistor Spaulders/Stormrider's Mantle runs on Wyrmrest Accord-US?

tl; dr: I was too much of a wimp/distracted by RL to raid when t11 was current, and my boomkin still wants those shoulders to complete her set.

Okay, so! My boomchicken is Daphné on Wyrmrest Accord-US, Allyside. Literally since I rolled her, I have wanted full t11 as her mog set. Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to get anyone interested in running tier 11 content nowadays and I feel like I'm nagging my guild too much if I ask for a weekly run.

So, I come to you, wow_ladies and lurking gentlemen, with a proposal. Get this sorry ball of feathers her shoulders and I will reward you! Whosoever puts together the raid in which I get my shoulders shall have the leather or mail 476 epic of their choice crafted for them. Anyone happening to have a Hide of Chromaggus lying around will be paid 10k gold for said item.
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