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I don't happen to have/want/need any of those things, but I'd still help you out if you like. I'm busy a fair amount in the evening, and my characters on Alliance side are, at most, level 87, but I'm still willing to give you a hand.

I've also never done the t11 content. Actually, I think I spent some time failing at Magmaw and Council of the Four Winds. But other than that my experience is nil.


:D Thanks! And if you've never done t11 there is no better time to see it than now, when you can pretty much steamroll it.

I wish I had a toon Ally side to help you out. I've been wanting to get my butt back into some t11 content since half my guild has never seen it yet, and there are some really amazing mog pieces in there. But alas! I am whole heartedly red side. Best of lucky, though!

I'd be willing to run with you, I don't need anything.

I have two 90 dps (Rychtier, the warrior is the better geared), and assorted dps and healers between 85 and 90. I do have a tank at 86, but his gear is not really the best, and I haven't tanked a raid. Ever. :)

I'm on WRA-A, most often on Rychtier or Jovinnor. :)

:D :D :D

You don't need that many people for t11 content either, though Tot4W is still a DPS check and you need multiple healers for the pillars at Nef. (Side note: I am the worst at jumping.)

I can't tell you how many times I died to that stupid mechanic because I couldn't get over the lip of the @#$%&%$ pillar.

I still haven't killed Nef.

T11 was the nail in the coffin of my raiding career, heh. But yes! I typically do better with a day or two's notice, and thursdays are bad for me, but otherwise, just shoot me a yell. <3

Those shoulders are so pretty. I've been keeping half an eye on the AH, hoping they'd show up. (I'm Horde side, so no worry about me snagging them out from under you.)

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