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Fall of the Ancients - Khaz'Goroth (A) recruiting
[sam & dean] empty road
annella wrote in wow_ladies
My guild is on the hunt for a new healer.

We're a fairly casual guild; the raid team is pretty close-knit and good friends but we've lost one of our healers recently and our raiding has pretty much stalled as pugging is tricky when you're so lacking in progression.

So far only 2/6 MV normal so the position would be ideal for someone who doesn't have much raiding experience or is wanting to get into raiding in Mists. We're the opposite of hardcore and raid nights are for having fun with friends with bosses dying as a bonus. We would prefer a shammy, pally or priest as we have a monk and druid already.

Khaz'Goroth is an Oceanic server and our raids are Mondays and Wednesdays from about 8pm server onwards.

It's a great guild; we help each other out and a lot of us are good friends in real life, often hanging out on vent while we play different games. There is very little in the way of nasty talk in guild chat; the guild leader and officers tend to stomp on that pretty quick. PST me in game (Sherribon) or comment here for an invite or more info. :)


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