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Coming back to WoW
kewpz wrote in wow_ladies
Coming back after a long break. I lost all my account info (no access to e-mail anymore either) so I started a brand new account. Not that big of a deal for me since I love achievements and am probably the only person that isn't happy with them being account wide. Long story short, rolled my little gnome on WrA and happily played last night.

So here is my dilemma. I've always wanted Loremaster and the Insane title. I never was big into raiding. For now, I just bought up to Lich King. I'm debating whether to just go for the titles (stopping xp every 10 or so levels) as I go or race to 90 and go back? I tried that before and it just seemed like cheating to me since the low levels were such a faceroll at that point. If I take my time, though, I will miss out on the endgame quests and storyline while it is still fresh.

Any thoughts?

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