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Um, make a second toon and do both? I am not the person to ask, obviously. I have 70 toons spread over two accounts (14 on WrA alone). Some them are doing different things in their own way. They are such individuals to me. (I have one DK who refuses to do anything except pick flowers and do archaeology now that the LK is dead. She retired to Dalaran until the expansions hit and at 87 is now wandering around Pandaria occasionally killing something that gets in her way but generally refusing to quest.) If your Gnome wants to take her time - let him/her. If not rush to 90.

Heh, I'm going to give the cop-out answer, but only YOU can decide which way is most fun, most rewarding, and most worthwhile. If doing current endgame content is, do that. If experiencing each part of the game at the level it was intended for is, do that!

One of the reasons WoW is so popular is because it's so friendly to a wide variety of playstyles. There's no RIGHT way. But I -would- say that no matter how slow you level, most of us DO catch up eventually.

Missing out on making a panda? Sheer madness! The content of Pandaria, both in the starter zone and at the upper end, is some of the most detailed and gorgeous lookswise, and they had some fun with it questwise. Raiding can, however, bite me.

Unless you are really eager to raid, I would advise for you to take your time and see everything slowly.

I remember when Cata first came out and nearly everyone was busy getting those next five levels, but not me. No, I decided that at that time I would do all of the quests since they had been reset (I had done almost all of them before, but not completely), and I had an absolute blast. Even after I had earned the completion credit for a zone I kept on questing until there were none left to be found.

I don't regret it for a second.

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