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Am I doing something wrong?
starsreminisce wrote in wow_ladies
Any spriests out there willing to see what I am doing wrong? Even if I had been playing shadow since Wrath, I'm back to the same position when I am bottom of the charts and everything. It's becoming discouraging to see myself doing 10-20k less than the other dps unless it is a multidot fight.

Are we just weak at the moment or is there something that I just seem to be missing?

Rotation: I try to at least have three-two orbs up before a pull. I typically start with a MB if only have two orbs or MF x2 to proc any int items I have, SF/Mindbender, DP, VT, SW:P, MB when it's up or when it procs, MS when it procs - I tend to cast MS over MB for the extra crit and no cast time. MF as filler. I recast SW:P when I have two int items up or when it's 5 secs away from falling. I apply VT when I have three int items up or at least 5 secs before it falls off. I tend to change talents a lot depending on the fight

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