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Looking to start an all girl guild
rainicornn wrote in wow_ladies
Hello I've been wanting to start an all girl guild for a while now
I'm currently on the server US-Sargeras, I'm not sure if my server has any yet I think there was one but it died slowly of course because everyone who started to join wasn't a female lol

So I want to get one going, I already have a guild. I'm just not sure how to get it going so that I can get the attention of other girls. I'd need a few officers to help out so I can get things rolling

Any help, advice, anyone on the server who might want to help out

-Thank you :)

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If you haven't already, then have a think about how you want to present it. Is it only for female toons, only for those who identify irl as women's female toons or are all alts welcome. Obviously it's not going to be a home for men who are dicks about women, but what about women's differing views on women, are you trying to foster a pink unicorns sort of feel, or hoping to round up a bunch of women who don't put up with girly simpering and vanity and are going out to kick ass ? There's a big middle ground but too many at one extreme may well later drive out people from both the opposite and from the middle which doesn't bode well for continuity. Will it be welcoming of males who understand the reason the guild exists and like to play that way, or how are you going to police a no-males admittance policy ?

the hatter

aside from taking umbrage with this whole comment


because how else will we KNOW?

-- the riotlounge

Well, I agree with the fact that the hatter certainly phrased things badly, but that individual certainly does have a point.

I don't, personally, care if a guild is all female if it happens to focus entirely on end-game, level 90, big -deal, intense stuff. Another woman certainly might not appreciate my own "stop and smell the roses, read all the flavor text, explore that tall thing over there, what IS an armor level number" methodology. A third person may call both of us out for communicating with fellow guild members out of character.

There is also the question of toons - my boyfriend doesn't identify online as male, and plays exclusively female toons. I also play exclusively female toons. Since neither of us use voice type stuff (like I said, I'm an explorer) would the guildmaster care that my boyfriend is a BOYfriend.

All that said, I could see generating an alt and participating in any fun role-playing, world event, weird activity type stuff in an all female guild, much like I would do the same for any other, similar guild.

aside from "will it be female toons only or women-only", it doesn't read that way to me. It sounds like the options presented are "do you want a girls guild or a COOL GIRLS guild"

I think the Horde/Alliance all-women guilds on Bronzebeard US got a lot of their membership from LJ communities! Once your guild is created, posting here is a good way to get noticed. If you have the stomach for it, you can post on the realm forums on, or make a twitter account to advertise.

good luck!

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Yea I think that's the only problem is recruiting. I'm in a few groups of all Warcraft gamer girls. I'm just unsure how to attract the attention that'll get people to want to join. Of course no one is gonna wanna leave a 25 guild for a lower lvl guild. So that's probably my main issue, and while recruiting how to even get the proof the player is a female.

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