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UI Mod Monday!
Kitty teddy
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
How to Jump

Morning ladies. For the first time in the year that I've been doing this, I almost forgot. O.o The coffee's on, in case y'all are in as desperate need as I am!

I think my brain is as frozen as the most of the country is - I can't even remember if I've seen any questions this last week. I do have one to start us off with, though. As always, any and all questions or comments, screenshots, squees or complaints, whatever you've got that's related at all to UIs or mod is welcome.

Starter question - if you were starting all over, from Blizzard standard as it now is, to completely revamp your UI into something workable for what you do - what are the first three things you'd change? Anything from "change the danged map" to "download elvui" is fair, I'm really as interested in process as I am specific mods. =)

UIs, mods - it's UI Mod Monday, come on in!

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