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UI Mod Monday!
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frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
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Morning ladies. For the first time in the year that I've been doing this, I almost forgot. O.o The coffee's on, in case y'all are in as desperate need as I am!

I think my brain is as frozen as the most of the country is - I can't even remember if I've seen any questions this last week. I do have one to start us off with, though. As always, any and all questions or comments, screenshots, squees or complaints, whatever you've got that's related at all to UIs or mod is welcome.

Starter question - if you were starting all over, from Blizzard standard as it now is, to completely revamp your UI into something workable for what you do - what are the first three things you'd change? Anything from "change the danged map" to "download elvui" is fair, I'm really as interested in process as I am specific mods. =)

UIs, mods - it's UI Mod Monday, come on in!

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For the starter question, my first priorities are the things I need for combat:

1) Addon to change the keybinding text from e.g. "Num Pad 1" to "N1", as well as relabel some buttons where I've remapped my keyboard with an external program.
2) Weakauras (setting up the actual auras can be a bit slower, especially as I have several alts - there are some things I meant to set up after 5.0 and still haven't...)
3) IceHUD

Thoughts on addons because I HAVE had too much coffee.

I do wish the blizzard standard ui had better support for higher resolutions. With many people sporting 1080i the graphics either are so small or have to be enlarged as to appear fuzzy and old. It dates the game more than any low polygon races.

Necessary items for me and the bare minimum addons for them:
BagSync: A way to tell how many of x I have on my other characters/in my bank/in my mail.
Inline Aura: Some sort of idea when my curses and buffs need to be recast. This puts them on top of the action buttons.
Auctionator: Ooo this is a pretty robe, what's it worth to others? I can get this functionality from the mobile auction house and don't get why it's not in game.

Now if I'm raiding I prefer bigwigs but dbm works too. If I'm tanking I would like to have something like Tidyplates, where my threat is more than the slight glow provided by blizzard.

Things that can be done that aren't necessarily addons:
- Changing the fonts in your game by making a font folder.
- Icon skins such as clean icons aren't actually addons, and therefore don't use extra memory.
- MiirGui is a nice overhaul that doesn't add any features, but it DOES have an addon component to make the minimap square to match the UI. It's pretty lightweight.

Things that I wish were still around:
Majbar - I wish it gave me errors when I tried it so I could even TRY to fix it. All it does is hide the bags and menu part with the second bar on the right side. It's brilliant in that if you disable it your buttons are all still in order on the side there, but MoP broke it and the creator hasn't played in a very long time.
ButgerStijl UI - It can still be made to work but I loved this UI for it's visual simplicity and colors.

Things I wish I loved more:
Elv UI - Features yes, but ugly.
Nui + - more features than elv but even uglier.
Beautiful UIs with pixel fonts - I've got vision problems...

Things I actually installed on my laptop when I installed wow last month: Inline Aura, Auctionator, Bag Sync, Gui.

I could probably play with the basic ui- as long as I could move things around. I think that functionality was added?

I use LUI and several other quality of life addons, but could live without them.

I DO have a power auras question, for anyone using the 5.0 version- Is there any way to show all your auras at once, like with the old version? My googlefu has failed me, and I wanted to line my stuff up in relation to the other icons.

I've given up on Power Auras now - I get the feeling the author has dropped out of the game / development.

I've switched to Weak Auras - given the 5.0 change to Power Auras (which is hard to download now btw) made it quite similar to Weak Auras anyway, this wasn't much of a change.

I've resisted weak auras, because I have used Power Auras for so long... but... Does this feature exist there?

Just checked and it does. By default it'll show all of the auras loaded for the char, but you can toggle individual auras if they are loaded or not.

The image below shows this; on my shadow priest only the alchemy & inner fire auras are loaded - thus shown. However by clicking on the small button next to the bottom left hand corner of the view tooltip I could show any of the other auras as well.


I use a lot of addons... I have tried recently to severely cut back on the number of them I have, to only some success. (Switching to using ElvUI helps that a lot, because I get in one addon what I used to do through many addons, but anyway). I try to make it so that I am not wholly dependent on addons, just in case anything happens and I lose an addon or all of them, I want to be able to play with the default UI, too. That said, there are a few things that would make the game really unpleasant for me in the default ui:

1) Bags. I don't know how anyone can use the default bags... I used ArkInventory for a long time and recently switched to Adibags, but I need something to be able to sort them and make categories and etc. I carry a lot of random things and collect a lot of different gear and if it was all just thrown into the bags without me being able to sort it I would be lost.
2) Click-to-Cast healing. This is somewhat a deficiency on my part, but I have several healer alts, and I would flat-out not be able to heal if I wasn't able to click-to-cast with my mouse. I use vuh-do, cause it's powerful and I like it and I'm used to it, but even something like clique or whatever... anything to let me cast with my mouse. With my dps keybindings are more than fine, but not so with my healers.
3) Less so than the first two, cause I could raid without it, but DBM is just so powerful, I'd feel naked without it now lol.

Other things that I could make myself live with in the default but much, much prefer addons for:

* Buffs... I hate, hate, HATE the default buffs. I use Raven to make them into bars instead of icons and it just makes so much more sense to me.
* WIM... I would lose whispers in the chat frame.
* An auction addon... I use auctioneer, but I know I don't take full advantage of its features... more than anything I find the default AH difficult to browse. The smaller lines for auctions and ability to sort them by buy out and/or per item price and/or bid price is huge.
* A hud. I don't know why, I just find it sooo much easier to keep track of my health and mana/focus/energy/rage/whatever this way than in unit frames. I use IceHud currently.
* Titan panel, or something similar... actually right now I'm not even using titan panel, I'm just using whatever that comes with ElvUI. But I keep my guild and friends lists there, my durability, my system performance, and a couple other random things. Very useful.

And in the third tier, things I could more easily live with in default, but prefer changing to look nicer or work smoother cause I can so why not:

* Unit frames. The default ones are functional enough, but ugly.
* The minimap... I used sexymap for a long time, now I'm just using the ElvUI one.
* The look of the action bars. I used bartender a long time ago, dominos for a long time since, and then just recently am just using the ElvUI ones.
* Postal. I'm not doing as much on the AH as I used to, but still, this makes going through a lot of mail so much better.
* Quartz, I hate the default cast bar.
* tomtom and lightheaded... the new map with objectives and whatnot makes these almost not necessary, but I like my arrow and with lightheaded I go to wowhead on my second monitor less lol
* Foglight... clears the fog off the map for characters that haven't explored everywhere. This is especially nice for me cause I main switched in mists and my new main had explored basically nothing. Plus it's super handy for low level alts.

Other addons I have that I hadn't already mentioned, because why not add to this monster of a comment:
* AddonControlPanel
* AtlasLoot
* BankItems
* BattlePetCount
* Damn Achievement Spam
* GuildRosterButtons
* Livestock
* Miks Scrolling Battle Text
* MogIt
* Moncai's Equipment Compare
* NPCScan & Overlay
* oglow
* Omen
* Opie
* PetLeash
* Raid Achievement & Filter
* RatingBuster
* RealID Toons
* Recount
* SavedInstances
* Trade Forwarder
* XToLevel

And I think that about covers it lol, sorry for the massive comment >< !

Someone managed to flip the central heat/AC fan to "on" instead of "auto" so the fan has been constantly on for the last like ... day. Ughhh, serious waste of electricity. I am gonna need some coffee to get through today, I see.

There are only two addons that I get really pissed without: Bagnon and Bankstack. I HAVE to have my one big bag and I can't be fussed to manually sort. Aside from those two, I think my next big addon I prefer is probably Bartender. After that it's probably Pitbull, Sexymap, and WIM. Those six addons make up the vast majority of my interface, but I can live without most of them except for Bagnon/Bankstack, lol.

Three things I'd need are:

- Some kind of bar altering addon: Bartender would do but I prefer Elvui
- Combucter: Bag sorting addon. I can't find anything without this.
- Auctioneer: I also can't do auctions without this one.

If going without addons, I would move whatever I could into better positions. I'm not a fan of where the action bars sit and really not a fan of where the health and party bars chill.

If I don't have gUI, I'm completely useless. It's the one stop shop for me and I absolutely love it. He keeps his facebook page ( up to date on when he makes any changes with the system, and I've found it to be very easy to manipulate the way I want. Also cut down on my other addon usage because he has so much built in that I didn't really need anything extra.

Not going to lie, I watched the gif and giggled at that poor cat. I've seen that happen to mine a couple of times :-)

I don't even know what the default UI looks like anymore, so I have no useful input to the question.

Bar mod, bag mod, and mini map button frame. Everything else I could live with as default if I had to.

- Bar mod. I want the action bars in a specific order, and the default UI's order is not it.
- HUD. Having my health and resource bars, and my target's health and cast bar, right there at the center of the screen and not off in a corner, makes my life infinitely easier.
- Frame mod. This includes player, party, and raid frames, because the default ones are all placed in very awkward places and/or not sized well for my preferred mouseover healing.
- Bag mod.
- Mini-map mod. Better control over the buttons and text, and placing it in the bottom center.

In order to make the default UI workable for me - and had to do on my laptop, because it can't handle the glut of addons my desktop can - I just need a few things.

Bardender or Dominos. Cannot stand the fact that the default bars are off-center. I love full UI replacements and use LUI on my desktop, but it would fry my laptop.
Move the player and target frames both lower and centered, so my toon is central and the player and target frames are to the left and right. Like the action bar, I don't want to be looking to the left of my screen and away from the action.
Bagnon. I can get along fine without, but I love having a bag addon. I don't even use the sorting options, I just like seeing everything in a single frame.

Also! I have an unrelated question. My chat box on wow is always translucent grey. I can go into settings and make it completely transparent, which is what I want, but it resets itself every time I log off. How do fix?

I decided to redo my UI right before MoP came out. I dropped most of my addons and went with ElvUI. I've added MiirGUI to it for extra skinning. Those two are my starter points.

Other things I would have to have:
Addon Control Panel - This should seriously be built into the default UI so you can swap addons without having to logout.
Skada - Preferred to having to use both recount and omen and has a smaller footprint.
Combuctor - My one bag of choice.
VuhDo - I use it for everything.
Auctionator - because it's smaller and more refined than Auctioneer and does a lot more a lot easier as well (and doesn't require a full AH scan to work)
Altoholic - or something that shows how many I have of things and where they're located with the ability to search for stuff. Also to show raid lockouts, achievement progress, etc.
DBM - or some kind of nice boss mod
Mik's Scrolling Battle Text - because I like to be able to set thresholds, change fonts and locations
Reforge Lite

And because I raid lead I'd also have Pheonix Style and Ora3. I use more than all of those right now, but those are the basics of what make up my UI. I think I cut out about 20 mods when I switched from my old custom UI to ElvUI and it's made it a good bit faster.

Carbonite (And I am soooo grateful someone took over updating. The default maps are just awful. Not being able to "go to" any point of the map drives me crazy.)
Altoholic (Because I am one. I really wish I could get it to see my 2nd account though. I've tried and tried and it doesn't.)
Auctioneer (smaller lines and sort functions are a must)

Don't use bag or bar mods. Tanks use Tidyplates/Treatplates. My healers use Healium and that would be a "can't live without" but healers are a fairly small fraction of my toons. I use SpellFlash for very classes I don't play often enough (e.g. anything besides hunters, warriors, pallies or priests).

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