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Guild Troublesish *edit*
kanonislurve wrote in wow_ladies
So I have a problem ish like thing.
I run a guild, Midsummer Nights Dream on Horde side Bronzebeard-US. I run it with my boyfriend, and we have a group of great officers that we really like. Our guild is around 200 strong, but I can't get anyone to talk. or do anything. I've given everyone the ability to invite, and everyone the ability to make events on the calendar, and still no one wants to do anything. Now it has come to my attention that Bronzebeard had been declared a dead server, or so I've heard. We the officers, and GM's are now starting to think it might be the server. We're a level 25 guild, we have all of our BoA's unlocked, we try really hard to be active and run dungeons, we're trying to start up a raid team, and even have sister guilds to place some of our 90's into raids while we try to get 10 90's to run. At this point, we're seriously thinking about moving our guild to a different server.
I guess what i'm trying to ask is, Do we try to stick it out and hope we'll get better or you know how do we get more active, Or do we move servers to a higher population server?

Any suggestions or help would be Fabulous, Thanks :),
Tahlmorra/Aivacyn, Hordeside Bronzebeard

So after talking to my (active) guildies, we decided that we we're just going to move to a high population RP server (WRA), and our sister guild has magnanimously offered to take in the people who can't afford to move quite yet, so they can stay in a level 25 guild. Thank you guys so much for your help it was really appreciated <3

Thanks again,
Tahlmorra/Aivacyn, Hordeside Wyrmrest Accord

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