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Guild Troublesish *edit*
kanonislurve wrote in wow_ladies
So I have a problem ish like thing.
I run a guild, Midsummer Nights Dream on Horde side Bronzebeard-US. I run it with my boyfriend, and we have a group of great officers that we really like. Our guild is around 200 strong, but I can't get anyone to talk. or do anything. I've given everyone the ability to invite, and everyone the ability to make events on the calendar, and still no one wants to do anything. Now it has come to my attention that Bronzebeard had been declared a dead server, or so I've heard. We the officers, and GM's are now starting to think it might be the server. We're a level 25 guild, we have all of our BoA's unlocked, we try really hard to be active and run dungeons, we're trying to start up a raid team, and even have sister guilds to place some of our 90's into raids while we try to get 10 90's to run. At this point, we're seriously thinking about moving our guild to a different server.
I guess what i'm trying to ask is, Do we try to stick it out and hope we'll get better or you know how do we get more active, Or do we move servers to a higher population server?

Any suggestions or help would be Fabulous, Thanks :),
Tahlmorra/Aivacyn, Hordeside Bronzebeard

So after talking to my (active) guildies, we decided that we we're just going to move to a high population RP server (WRA), and our sister guild has magnanimously offered to take in the people who can't afford to move quite yet, so they can stay in a level 25 guild. Thank you guys so much for your help it was really appreciated <3

Thanks again,
Tahlmorra/Aivacyn, Hordeside Wyrmrest Accord

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First off, I'm never sure giving every member the ability to invite people is a good idea, because inevitably, the wrong kind of people start getting invited at some point. It's a good idea to have control over that.

Secondly, otherwise, it sounds like you're doing everything right. You do stuff, you are active, presumably you invite people along and ask in gchat if people want to run heroics or whatnot. If this is the case, and you're actively recruiting on top of all of that, and you're still struggling to get your guild where you want, it might be time to consider moving to another server. "Sticking it out and hoping it gets better" almost never, ever works for pretty much any problem. You have to actively decide your fate rather than waiting to see what it might have in store for you, or you'll usually be disappointed.

I'm sure it would be a problem if they were actually inviting, but i can't get them to do that either.

But I think that you're right in that we do need to make an executive decision about this. Even after doing all this work, im pulling out my hair, and I think it is time, but i just needed advice i suppose.

Bronzebeard is definitely a server with a much higher alliance population than horde.

If your guild has an "invite anyone" policy, then that to me says you don't know what you want the focus of the guild to be. If you want to be a raiding guild, you need to recruit people who want to raid, not just anyone who needs a level 25 guild for the perks.

If you don't have interest from people within the guild to raid, then boot those who are just hanging around, and replace them with raiders. Of you don't think you can do that on BB, then sure, move, but if you keep the same policies on a new server, history will repeat itself.

Write up a guild charter, if you haven't, or at least a guild mission statement. List your goals, and only invite people in who want to contribute to the success of those goals.

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Largely dead on Alliance too though :-( I am looking at moving

Honestly, I think a lot of it actually is the server. Catatonic's been one raider short on both their teams for a while now, and can't find anyone to fill those spots. From what I've seen, most people who are interested in actually doing things have server hopped to find other people who want to do the same thing, because of a complete lack of response from anyone in Trade and the like.

Have you gone through your member list to see how many of the members you have are actually signing on? I run a tiny guild, but if people don't play for 6 months, I cut them loose unless I know them. Once the dead weight is gone, you can see what you really have, and whether a move is in order.

Late response, but I'm an officer from Dissonance and recruitment is about the same for us on Bronzebeard - with few exceptions most of the people we "recruit" are friends we raided with years ago, and when I'm on my Horde characters it seems even emptier than Alliance side. A couple of Alliance raiding guilds server-transferred to high pop. realms in the past few months and both seem to have overcome their raiding hurdles (in that, at the very least, they can now clear most normal mode content), so if raiding is really what you want to do, a move probably wouldn't be the worst idea.

That said, with 200+ members (though I imagine some are alts?) the first thing I would probably do is contact every level 90 in-game or via mail to see if they had any interest in raiding - it's pretty direct and if they don't respond but keep logging in, there's not much point in them being there. If there is interest then there will probably be some more work for you and your officers - you would need to be able to assist them in gearing by running dungeons/LFR or helping them with materials to craft items etc. It sounds like you're doing the right thing with the sister-guild raiding; I'm not sure how many guilds raid Horde-side now, but if you can get in contact with more guilds and expand that network it would probably help all of you. If all of this sounds daunting or you've done it already, and you really desperately want to get your raid group off of the ground, then you almost certainly will have to move bar some huge influx of new Horde 90s. I moved my main from Bronzebeard at the end of Wrath in order to get the raiding experience I wanted - I did get that and have continued to move up, but I still raid with my alt on Bronzebeard. The remnants of a nice community are there, but it isn't very conducive to establishing new raid groups, unfortunately.

I totally relate.

My guild - I'm not the GM, just an officer - is on a low population server. I hate the server. There are a ton of trolls, the economy is sickly, and you better have what you need in your guild because PuG groups are impossible.

(Case in point: I watch a group trying to get ONE DPS to go on a vaults run with them. I watched their standards slowly dissolve over the course of the evening until eventually it was 'LF dps for Vaults, will basically take any breathing moron at this point.')

However, our guild is solid. We've managed to have two successful raid groups (started with three, had to pretty much consolidate) and a rated battleground group. So a lot of players stick around JUST for the guild including myself.

I really think the best thing you can do is open a dialogue with your guild. How many of your active members would be able to follow you over to the new server? How would they feel about leaving?

The problem is, there's no guarantee that the server will get any better, but depending on the needs of your members it might be better to stay and be a beacon of good player base on the server and come up with a plan to meet your guild's needs on a dead server.

There's really no easy answer. I would recommend a guild meeting with those who ARE involved.

Basically, I think it's possible to be successful on a bad server but it's A LOT more work.

Im going thru the same thing and i found outta 199 theres really only 6 of us active everyday off and on.. im trying to revive my guild too i have my officers co founders with me but others are non active accounts...

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