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NaNoWriMo 2014
stateofbalance wrote in wow_ladies
This is probably a silly question, but has anyone been having an issue where they sit their character down to eat and they immediate get right back up? I'm a level 90 priest on Wyrmrest Accord if that makes any difference. I'm not taking damage when this happens. Anyone have any idea what this could be? Thanks!

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Yes, this has happened to me in the Ogudei caverns. Not in combat, no dots on me, nothing near me, I drop a banquet and start eating and then I stand up without getting the food buff. It's very irritating.

That's exactly where I was when I noticed it! I haven't tried it anywhere else yet, but that is interesting.

Thanks everyone, for your replies.

I've noticed this for a couple weeks now out there. Seems anywhere that was added recently out in Krasarang will do this to you. And it seems to happen at random time intervals, too. I kind of wonder if it's so you'll get the commendation banquets, but I don't want to potentially waste mine to test it. :x

Are you being attacked by footballs and soccer balls from the WInterveil presents? They seem to interrupt eating.

This has happened to me a few times on my mage, and I have no idea why!

It happens when you're plain ole sitting too, not just eating. I've had it happen countless times during RP.

I've had Fishing be interrupted by putting out my pet automatically -- land, start to fish, stop fishing to set out my pet, wonder why I'm not fishing... Might be worth checking to make sure that all your vanity pets are de-summoned? O:/

Do you have a haunted memento on you? I had to put mine in the bank. I couldn't do a bunch of things, including change my character's hair in the barber shop, because they added a cower animation that automatically happened with the memento.

Well, that explains why my priest cowers every time she hearths somewhere!

It was happening to me today also.

This has been happening to me off and on since...lord, maybe WotLK? Cataclysm? It's harsh, especially if you're using a stat food. :(

Oh so you mean that wasn't me accidentally clicking something on my Razr mouse or jarring the keyboard? (Yes, it's happened several times recently).

This been happening to me for as long as I can remember(vanilla player since). Seems to occur very randomly as far as I am aware though USUALLY there is something background going on, like some heals etc

I think so. I'm playing my mage, so it's no big deal in terms of wasting food, and I'd just been assuming I had a DoT I hadn't noticed or something and not worried about it. It does seem to be happening a lot, though.

for me it usually happens after walking through portal.

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