WoW_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft

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Mmm, well I can't think of a way to stop them but I can think of a few ways of rooting them out quickly:
- Interview new recruits. Of course people can lie but someone out of a quick bit of gold probably doesn't want to spend the time or effort.
- Trail period in the guild. Nothing but being able to speak in guild chat for 2 weeks+ if not longer.
- Any high price items in the guild bank MUST be filtered through officers. If someone wants it, they can wait for an officer to get it out for them.
- Greatly limited stacks of anything in the guild bank. Again, if they really want it, they can poke an officer.

Sounds like a good idea, if a bit risky. I hope it goes well!

As someone who loves to make gold in WoW, but can't stand the gold-making communities on most servers (due to a general lack of ethics), I would totally love to join this guild. Unfortunately, I'm on the US servers. :( I just love the idea of this guild!

My friend, the guild owner, is actually American and is onwow very frequently. So I don't think being in the US would be a disincentive. If you are interested, you could make a toon on Nagrand and have a chat to him, he is a nice guy. If interested let me know and Ill send you a message privately as to who to look out for.

Sure, that sounds fine! :)

I don't have any advice, but this is something I'd like to do sometime. I would love to learn how to "legally" and efficiently make a lot of gold. I've just never been one of those players with hoards of gold. (Ha! Right now, I bet there are gear items selling on the AH for more than all my total gold across all toons!) I'm sure part of it is not having the right profs, not knowing the best ways to make money on the AH, and not having the gold to foot quickly leveling up a bunch of other toons to max level and max prof levels. Anyway, I'd like to learn sometime.

This guy has a great set of guides on how to make gold. Though I haven't looked through all of his videos (that would take forever), the stuff I have seen is quite impressive. Perhaps check out his Lowbie Gold Making Guide.

Another suggest I have for you is to have a toon learn mining, herbalism, or skinning (or some combination) along with archaeology. Those professions, even if not maxed, can make a lot of money. :)

This is just to start out. You can eventually learn how to play the AH, which makes a lot of money for someone who is decent at it. But in order to do that, you'll need some start up money.

Good luck!

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