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SFF (Single Forsaken Female) Seeks Guild
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dejadrew wrote in wow_ladies

Hi, Ladies and Lurklemen! My Forsaken rogue Tritchby on Wyrmrest Accord US is looking for a new home. Help a dead girl out?  

After a great deal of soul searching, I finally and with great sadness quit my guild. I still love my guildies, and I hope to stay in touch via friends lists and the baby alt I left with them, but I rarely run into them when I play any more. I was just a bit lonely. So, I've decided to strike out on my own in search of friends and green text. 

What I'm looking for: Ideally, a nice busy social/RP guild with a good number of female members and firm policies in place regarding harassment and hate speech. Frequent meetups/events/guild runs/get-togethers is a plus. I love RP, tending more towards casual improv than elaborate plots, but I wouldn't mind trying out the more involved epic style. I have no interest in progression raiding, but having a few guildies as moral support in LFR or Heroics would be sweet.

What you get (In Character): A bizarrely cheery frat-girl of a Forsaken rogue who loves dancing, drinking (alcohol is a PRESERVATIVE! It's  MEDICINAL! Honest!), and catch-and-release pickpocketing. She will steal your underwear right off you purely for the sport. Then put it back. Usually correctly. There was that ONE incident with the Silvermoon ball and the one elvish nobleman who wound up leaving the party wearing a pair of lace panties that did NOT belong to him... or his wife... but I'm sure that's all blown over by now.

What You Get (Out of Character): A player who is slightly shy at first, but has a good sense of humour and is eager to please. Not the most skilled in combat, I'm afraid (I have the hand-eye coordination of a drunken slug. Yes, I know slugs don't have hands. MY POINT). But I will happily farm up fish for feasts and guild achieves, pickpocket RP items, and babble endlessly about the joys and possibilities of player-made RP goodies made via the Gryphonheart Items addon. You want me to make you a treasure map? I can TOTALLY make you a treasure map! See, you go into the advanced item menu and use the requirements option... ahem. Right.

If you have a guild that you think might be a good fit, let me know! And if you want to hang out in-game so we can get to know each other and see if we'd suit each other, that would be AWESOME. Drop Tritch a whisper or an in-game mail, we can go clubbing or tavern RP pub crawling or something. Hope to hear from you soon!

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I just joined, so I'm still getting my feet wet, but you can look into the guild I joined, Ruffled Feathers -

It's not an RP guild, strictly speaking, but there is a group of RPers in the guild. I'm liking it a lot, they're all really friendly.

But even if you don't feel the guild's a good fit for you, you're welcome to drop me a line at any time. My BattleTag is Iridia#2388. I'm always willing to RP when I'm around and such. :)

Heh, I've kind of procrastinated on setting up a battletag. I was waiting until they implemented an invisible mode. Once in a while I like rolling a lowbie Privacy Toon (haven't done that in a long while though, maybe I'm getting more social in my old age?)

Your guild charter looks promising! I'll keep my eyes open for you guys in game.

Hehe I can understand that. Well, drop me a line at Xinlei or Yuiren, if you like. :)

We're a good group of people, if I do say so myself. Hope to talk to you soon! :)

I'm jumping in to say when you lure Tritch into your guild, you're going to get an awesome person, both in and out of character. Trust me when I tell you if she was blue side, I'd be BEGGING her to hang.

Seconding this. Tritch is awesome. :3

Thirding :) I see her all the time at Club Trix, and she's always cool :)

Also, I'm second-in-command in <We Choose Our Destiny>, but we probably have less events than you'd want, Tritch.

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No prob! Thanks for vouching for my character and general coolness. XD

You guys are making me blush. You're making TRITCH blush. She has no BLOOD CIRCULATION! HOW ARE YOU MAKING HER BLUSH?

Hee. Well, I DO have a baby gnome mage alt that I keep meaning to drag out of mothballs...

Vindicated is recruiting, I've been taking a few days break to deal with personal issues (My fridge died) but we're sometimes lively. If you want to hang out sometime, I'm usually on Sahasharath when I'm online.
( is our site.)

And I think reckoning is still recruiting? I don't know, but they're nice people also.

Ooh, I noticed you guys in the guild finder tool and marked you out as a strong possible. Your code of conduct and ooc description appeal strongly, and I've been spot-checking to see who's online; looks like you've usually got at least a few people playing at any given time, which is SWEET.

If I don't spot you online, can I send you an in-game mail and set up a playdate?

I'll definitely be bearing you guys in mind; and I'll look into reckoning too. Thanks!

Hey! I'm sorry that I don't have a guild to offer you, but I just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading your post. You have a lovely sense of humor and a fun writing style that made me smile several times. :)

Unfortunately my main isn't on WrA anymore (moved back to PvP-land for a friend, and while the guild really hasn't worked out for me, I'm stuck there for the time being because moving is expensive) but I have been meaning to roll a forsaken alt on WrA recently and your post has inspired me to do so! So if a lowbie forsaken awkwardly says hi to you soon, that's probably me. (I've been totally void of any creative spark for RP whatsoever and basically keeping to myself as a result, and I find improv *terrifying*...silly, I know. Hopefully you wouldn't mind talking with me though because you just seem like such an awesome person!)

Seconded! This is the best 'looking for guild' post I've seen in a long time. :D

Hee, I'm glad I sold myself well!

I ABSOLUTELY do not mind talking with you! Feel free to drop me a letter or a tell or walk-up or anything. We can chat ooc sometime if you're skittish about RP, or goof around IC someplace not too populated so you can work out the kinks in a character without pressure or performance anxiety?

Aww, thank you! That's very kind of you to offer, and I will definitely take you up on it when I'm not feeling cripplingly shy, just normal-level shy. It's bound to happen eventually! :p

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