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Vanish-ing Rogue Spiders of ICC
Iron Bear
burnslikeice wrote in wow_ladies
I come in search of tips/advice about a raid bug involving a room of bugs.

My Horde guild loves to retro-raid. Five of us (all 90) decided to run Icecrown Citadel tonight. It went very well up until Sindragosa's Gauntlet (that room where all the spider-adds spawn and spawn and spawn until the gate at the other end opens, allowing you to continue on to the boss).
We entered the room, triggered the Gauntlet, watched the spider-zombies emerge, and started killing them. Then they suddenly despawned. We figured, "maybe we killed them too fast," and tried again, but slower on the dps. Despawned again. I went on a 'net search and...didn't find anything particularly helpful aside from the knowledge that others were having the same problem. We tried a few more times with the auto-attacking and such, but every time the spiders vanished into thin air and the encounter reset.

I was wondering if anyone else had encountered this issue and had any tips on how to handle it?

We'd really like to face Sindragosa (and Arthas) in battle. Especially those of our group who've never done ICC before. Very frustrating that a handful of vanishing spiders are keeping us from clearing the raid.

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I've experienced that as well. The solution my guild found is to engage all the mobs as quickly as possible and then dps slowly. The theory is that since the bugs don't have that large an aggro range, if you don't actively engage them immediately, they don't sense anyone there and, well, bug out. I don't think you need to only auto-attack; just don't one- or two-shot them.

I hope that works for you as well as it did for us; I'm not sure what else you can do. =/

If this is the issue, I'd suggest also making sure only direct player attacks are used - no pets, no attacking/aoe totems, no protective buffs that damage attackers. If mobs are killed only by these methods then no player gets any credit for the kill and this might be why it's resetting, need at least one player to get at least one hit of every mob.

the hatter

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