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lisasimpsonfan wrote in wow_ladies
I just finished the 5.1 quest line on the Horde side. I loved the story and the quests. Can anyone tell me if it continues with 5.2? Especially with the Blood Elves. I really don't want to do a lot of searching because of the chance of spoilers. Thank you.

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I would assume so, if only because 5.1 tied Operation Shieldwall and Wrathion's quest together in the Chapter 2 achievement, and there's still 2 more chapters to go!

The conflict questline is an ongoing story arch for this expansion, so each subsequent patch will likely progress it a little further as each come out.

Yes, there's probably going to be a lot of blood elf stuff in 5.2. It sounds like the new Alliance and Horde rep factions will be Kirin Tor and blood elf-based, with Jaina and Lor'themar as leaders, so we should be seeing plenty of 5.1 aftermath.

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Another rep faction?

Oh, I leap for joy.

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