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UI Mod Monday!
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Hey Everyone!, black kitten pops up to say Hey!

Morning! And happy new year to us all!

I've been ill, and not in game much at all the last week and some, so I honestly don't know what they've been up to lately. I heard rumours that Darkmoon Fair has been completely redone. Did they do anything to break/fix UIs along with it?

It's been a long couple of holiday weeks here, with a lot of people away. Anyone take holiday time to work on their interface, or explore new addons? Coffee's on, come on in and let's talk UIs. =)

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I didn't notice any breaks in my ui last night; I did see a new pet battling daily at the faire, but that's all I noticed that was new.

I'll check again when I start running my alts through the professions quests.

I vaguely remember thinking on Friday that I had a UI issue I wanted to bring up today and... damned if I can remember now what it was. I'll probably remember on Wednesday.

I REMEMBERED! (Miracle!)

Has anyone played with replacing the voice files for your character? I really love my worgen's human voice, and would dearly love to replace the sound file for the worgen male with the human version, but I have no idea what I'm doing, and I wondered if anyone's done this, or knows if there's an addon for it?


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I think replacing voice files would be along the same lines as replacing models... even though you're the only person benefiting from it, it would probably be messing with the game files and against the TOS.

I don't see where it would be any different than the addons which replace the worgen sniff file with blank audio, for instance. Blizz has known about that one for two years and never said anything about it, nor did they chime in on the discussion on the topic on the forums.

It would take an MPQ editor to get to the sound files, and a crapton of file name editing, but as far as I know it should be fairly direct. Wherever you set up your wow directory, go into the Data directory, create a Sound directory (if it doesn't already exist), and in Sound create PCWorgenMale.

Then, go into your Data/enUS directory and open the speech-enus.mpq file and find the PCGilneanMale directory. Extract that into the PCWorgen male directory you created - and then the fun begins, of renaming every one of those files from Gilnean to Worgen. *whee*

It's a pain, but AFAIK that should swap the sound file access for you.

I think it's worth making a ticket about to confirm with a GM whether or not it's good to go. It's a similar process to change the in-game models and I know that is against the TOS, so you never know. Disabling certain sound effects may be one of the things that Blizzard intentionally looks over because some sounds are a nuisance, but to replace them with non-blank files may be the gray area.

*nods* asking never hurts, though given how few of the GMs actually READ their tickets I'm not entirely sure how helpful it would be, either. Editing to a non-blank sound file can't be the determining factor, though, or all the addons to change spell effect noises, bow/gun sounds, fishing sounds, etc would be violations and none of them has been axed. There's addons which take voices and sounds from non-blizz franchise games and movies and use them freely in game. Making one race's voices consistent between their shape changes within the game seems a lot less intrusive, y'no?

I'm looking for a mod that will keep track of my stuff on all my characters. So, for example, I'd mouse over a copper bar and it would tell me if I had any on any other characters on that server.

I use Bagnon and it works, but whenever I visit a vendor, it pops up it's own bag template and so do ElvUI. I kinda prefer ElvUI's if only for the sort bags function. :P

Altoholic and Bagnon both have this feature. When you install one, relog to each toon and check banks/guildbanks so it'll start tracking inventory.

(lol oops you said you had Bagnon, then Altoholic is what you're looking for)

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I use BankItems for that sort of thing, lets you bring up the bags/bank of individual characters in addition to the tooltip.

!! This is exactly what I've been wanting. I didn't want to download Altoholic just for tooltips (too much other crap with it) and it's the one feature I miss from ArkInventory, cause otherwise I've fallen in love with Adibags. I know I didn't ask the original question, but thanks :D

I use Ark Inventory for this. When I mouse over an item it tells me which characters or guild banks are holding the same item and how many. It even tells you what bag its in. It also has the ability to sort your bags and banks.

Ditto, I so <3 Ark Inventory.

I only use altoholic to track mail and who has what items. It is a terrible resource hog on my aging PC. I try and run as vanilla as possible as a result. Will Bagnon give me this functionality?

Bagnon won't track mail, but it will track bank, inventory, and equipped items.

I use bagsync for this, as I prefered something lightweight.

Darkmoon fair seems to have nothing new from the stuff that was added last month. The Battle pet daily and the carousel, both worth checking out. :D

I should of spent my vacation working on my UI. I've finally come to realize I need to give up on power auras and try out weak auras. I also need to set up a bunch of other stuff. I've been running practically addon less as far as character UI goes since MoP hit. My pet battle ui however is all set up. :P

Of course I've been mostly playing my hunter on which a lot of it is all ingrained muscle memory. Still having an easily to see focus bar and cooldowns helps. On my Blood DK or Ret pally, I depend a lot more on a custom ui to tell me things, but neither are 90 yet.

Weak auras is the replacement to go to for power auras right?

I need help regarding elvui/healbot :(

Recently I finally caved in and got elvui but I've yet to take the step to get rid of healbot - unfortunately since I installed elvui healbot doesn't display my hots (or other helpful spells like pom and guardian spirit) as icons anymore. Anyone an idea how to fix that?

does anyone know how to turn off the floating arrow from tomtom permanently? i can switch it off but when i log off and come back it's back up again.

thanks in advance!

Sounds like a bug - have you reported it to the creator of TomTom?

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