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quest help/and thanks
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
Can anyone give me any tips on how to survive Battle Axe of the Thunder King on my mage?

I've tried it three times now and I cant get through the constructs phase.  Even with the floor buffs, food buffs, healer pots, the mass of add ons just overwhelms me.

I'm trying it on Frost, and my gear level is 437.  Not the best I know but its all I have right now.

Can this quest be left or is it necessary in some way?

PS: thanks everyone who gave me suggestions for games for my nephew, Im handing them on to my sister to have a look and see what we can get him. (:

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I can't offer tips, but what realm are you on? Perhaps someone can give you a hand. I've only done it as a warlock with loving demon friends.

I did it not too long ago and didn't even know about the floor buffs, no pots or food buffs but my ilevel was slightly higher (It's 470 now, so it was probably around 460). I would try to round up as many as I could, frost nova, then move out of the acid and evocate to heal/get mana. Save mirror images as long as you can and use them to tank when you need a break. Pop cool downs (cold snap, icy veins, time warp, alter time, as needed.)

I just did it as frost with an ilevel of 458. I stood at entrance and picked off singly as much as could. Discovered floor buff as I was about to die. Frost nova and freeze then blink to other side for floor buff. Make sure you stay out of acid.

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