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Mage Advice (Off-Spec for Single Target Fights?)
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masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Hello ladies,

I've been playing frost this expansion and have really enjoyed the spec. I think the AoE capabilities are pretty amazing and like the many instant cast abilities that come with our procs. My damage seems to have been competitive in my raid so far. I especially excel in fights where there are multiple bosses (ie. stoneguards, Wind Lord - though only done him on raid finder so far.)

Anyway, I'm just wondering if fire or arcane might provide better single target results. It seems logical to me since all of the abilities that proc fingers of frost (which is also related to our two piece bonus with ice lance) depends on how many targets you hit.

I've done a bit of reading on the subject and many resources cite frost as exceling in both single target and multi-target fights over the other two specs. This just hasn't been my experience in game.

I've seen arcane really rocking single target fights in LFR. I don't care for that spec that much but have played fire before for most of Cata. I'd be willing to experiment with specs, however.

Anyway, basically, would I be better off with fire or arcane for single target fights and would the difference be worth setting up the off-spec and getting the gear and all that?

Thank you for any responses. :)

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