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Gaming in Chinese?
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accountingwitch wrote in wow_ladies
I'm gradually picking up Chinese (Mandarin) again, and I figure one of the more enjoyable ways to re-learn it is learning it in a context that I enjoy.

That is...start raid leading in Mandarin. (It's an old joke with my guild.)

However, like the grand majority of people, I play on a North American, English-speaking server, and have no clue where to begin for vocabulary. I could easily grab a dictionary and look up the words for "raid", "boss" and "additional monsters", but they're obviously not going to be in the right context.

Short of jumping into a Chinese server and getting inundated, does anyone know a good place to start for vocabulary?

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My Chinese/Mandarin is really basic. I'd guess 200-300 words and the most basic of sentence structures. It's enough to communicate what I need to a non-English speaker, but I can't get much more detailed than, "Your kid is bad because he didn't practice, I'm angry about this." (I'm a teacher.) So hopping on the forums is a little daunting for me!

I didn't think of Chinese WoWhead, though! Time to whip out Google translate and start doing some legwork...

My raid leading is largely "you hit him; when you see a white light, you run away; when he glares at someone, run behind him," etc. Really basic sentences that I can get away with practising (I have someone to help me with more complicated grammar), but I need some vocabulary to work with.

Maybe this would help? It has a lot of different languages, though probably you know this already. It doesn't have "Let the tank pull!" unfortunately...

The problem is that Chinese is tonal, i.e. the meanings of the words vary with the pitch of your voice, and that list doesn't have the tone marks to indicate how you say them. "Wǒ yào nǐ" is very different from "Wǒ yǎo nǐ", for example -- one means "I want you" (i.e. "come here") and the other means "I bite you". :D

Hahaha at the want versus bite!

I'm sorry it's not more helpful! (I just remembered the guide as being nice for Spanish-speaking tanks, unfort the Chinese doesn't seem to be nearly as helpful...)

Oh, it's not bad at all. :) It's a good start for someone looking for easy terminology. It's even written in pinyin, which is surprising, but because the letters don't all sound the way they look, that could be equal parts confusing. xD "Xia", for example, is pronounced more like "shya" instead of "zeeya" like an English speaker might think it is.

Fortunately, i already know those, but searching for "wow chinese teminology" pulled up this, which then leads to a freakin' database of vocabulary. Thanks for the tip!

Not so much vocab as a language course, but: . It should help with pronunciation for vocab you find. :)

If you can read traditional chinese, there is this taiwanese site that our Hong Kong guildie visits.

You probably will be able to figure out the terms from this site.

Traditional over simplified Chinese, by far. It's what I learned as a kid and lived with for a few years.

It's above my level, but definitely promising. Thanks!

Use "", it is incredibly useful and I use it to practice my French/study German. I play on both an American server and an European one, I would recommend using a completely different email for your Chinese account, and putting it in a very distinctly different folder - if you decide to go that route - because sometimes they will confuse each other and you will not be able to access another. I believe playing a game you are familiar with helps a lot with language - I learn so many little words like "belt", "brew", "bandage" etc etc, simply by translating things I already know.

This livemocha probably what I want/need (barring my never-ending loathing of Simplified Chinese). Thanks!

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