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UI Mod Monday!!
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
Happy New Year's Eve everyone! Hope your holiday, whatever you celebrate, was everything you hoped it would be. (And if you don't celebrate any of the recent holidays, well, hope you had a pleasant December! *g*)

Nothing animated for y'all this time, just a PSA before getting down to business. It IS New Year's Eve, and I really want to see you all back here next week, so please be careful (and remember there's people on the road who are NOT being responsible).

Designated Driver

That said, it IS also UI/Mod Monday. I've seen a few questions about, but darned if I remember what most of them were, so I'm hoping anyone who didn't get the answer they needed will come in here to ask.

UIs? Mods? Questions? Comments? Screenshots? Anything you're working on? Wish lists for next year? =)

Come on in, the coffee's on!

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