Laudre (laudre) wrote in wow_ladies,

The Mystery of the Floating Scorpid

So, there I was, having rotated through all ten farms, and even run an instance to get my main alt's VP capped for the week (... yay holidays?). I decide to go check for the Blade of the Poisoned Mind, what I expect will be a futile exercise, but I'd love to have it for the mage before I start leveling her in earnest. (And it'll be good for the warlock, too, which'll be much further down the road... still leveling the priest, and the mage will most likely be next, and then the rogue. Stupid rep and Spirit requirements for crafting...)

There is, of course, no caster sword, but there is an odd shadow...

The only way that shadow could be cast there would be if the scorpid was in midair. And it's not moving, it's just staying there.

I line up my own shadow with the scorpid's and then turn until I finally spot it... far in the distance.

(I have it targeted, so the red name text is just barely visible.)

I fly in for a closer look, and, yep, it's a floating scorpid alright.

Specifically, a Ruby Venomtail. Somehow, spawned, oh, about spitting distance from the flight ceiling. At one point, while I was getting the above screenshots, I aggroed it, and after I flew away and it reset, I watched it move straight up in that jittery, jerky way movement-hacking PCs do. (I've reported a lot of movement-hacking bots, level 84s and 85s in Valley of the Four Winds and Jade Forest going from node to node and teleporting through midair on a ground mount.)
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