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an unusual request
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies

This may seem an odd comm to make this request, but I thought as other gamers you might have some suggestions.

My nephew has mild cerebral palsy, which is both a physical and mental disability in his case.  He manages well but he cannot play very intricate games - WoW would be beyond him for example.

However, as a teenager he loved games like Secret of Monkey Island, where he could follow clues and work out what to do.  It challenged him and made him think, which was both a positive thing and great fun for him, though it wasn't frantically fast paced and gave him time to work through the game at his own speed.

He mum gave him a PS3 for Christmas, and I wondered if any of you could recommend any PS3 games of this type (I know Monkey Island is available for the PS3 but I was hoping for a new game).  Something that would (a) catch his imagination (b) entertain him and (c) be some fun gaming experience for him.

I've tried scanning the PS3 gaming list but Im just not sure which of these game would suit him and though someone who had Playstation experience might have some ideas. 

Hope you all don't mind my somewhat off-topic request (:

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