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The Testament of Sherlock Holmes might be a good choice. Dodger does a Youtube LP of it, starting here:

What about the Myst series?

That was my first thought as well. Though I have no idea if it's on the PS3 (though almost any computer could run the games nowadays I would think?) + its sequel, LittlebigPlanet2 and the Littlebigplanet Karting series might interest him? Its a very richly detailed world, but the basic mechanics of the game are akin to super mario games with simple jumping and the occasional puzzle. There's some more complicated stuff in the sequel but the core of the game is simple gameplay


He might also like Prince of Persia -- it's the most forgiving game I think I've ever played. A lot of it is figuring out how to use your character's various moves to climb walls and reach high places -- but every time you fall, you get rescued by your companion. Plus it has a fun story!

How are his reading/writing skills? Scribblenauts Unlimited is a fun little game, relatively slow paced. There are also some decent indie, lucasarts-style adventure games like Jolly Rover out there. Some are probably not appropriate, so you might want to check out reviews/info first, but Steam has a lot of them and I believe it's available for the PS3; if not, there's probably a developer platform somewhere.

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Second this! I'm addicted to flOw <3

Someone beat me to suggesting Myst but there is a community called women_gamers here on lj that might have a few more suggestions for you. :-)

I don't know which games are available for which platforms, but if you could check out Phoenix Wright, Ace Attourney....

Good luck,

The Secret of Monkey Island series is still really popular and there's quite a few titles in the series as well, has he played all of them yet? It's on sale on the Steam store right now too:

Also, if he likes point-and-click adventures and mysteries, one of my favorites is "Return to Mysterious Island" which is based on the book The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne, if he's into that at all. They came out with a second one a while back, but I've yet to play it.

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In the vein of Monkey Island, my boyfriend suggests Captain Morgane and the Golden Turtle. Possibly also the Sam and Max games. There's also the Back to the Future games if he's in to that.

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My husband plays a XBox 360, not a PS3, but I think one of the Katamari Damaci games got taken over to the PS3. Katamari is just rolling a ball around, picking items up using (on the 360 controllers) both movement sticks. You switch directions by having the Prince jump over the ball and changing direction by "clicking" both sticks. (Pushing it down, like a mouse click.) The object of the games has always been to create Planets, stars, and other astronomical objects, because usually the King of All Cosmos has gone on a bender and destroyed it all somehow. I hate most console games, but I enjoyed this one, so perhaps it may work?

The Katamari games are really good for PS3. I'd also suggest Journey, the collector's edition that includes flOw and Flower (I'm not crazy about Flower, but OMG Journey and flOw are amazing!). Valkyria Chronicles, Ico/Shadow of the Colossus collection, and Final Fantasy XIII are also really good.

FF XIII would be too complex nowadays I'd think.

I'm the worst person to ask (though I linked my BFF eczilon as her and her brother are the biggest gamers I know and use PS3/XBOX/Wii) but if The Sims 3 games are on PS3/Steam, they might be worth a shot?

I wish I could help :3

ETA; From the bff and her brother: Folklore and Rune Factory perhaps?

ETA II; More from my bff and her brother:

-Any of the LEGO games: Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, City, etc)
-Epic Mickey
-Mini Ninjas
-My Sims
-Kung Fu Panda 2
-Pixar/Dreamworks games really

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Telltale's new Monkey Island games, and also their Wallace and Gromit games, and their Sam & Max games too. Adventure games aren't dead! I'm pretty sure those're all on PSN. :)

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