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storm_child wrote in wow_ladies
Found this out by accident yesterday. I'm highly amused and had to share.

1. Mount on someone who has the Obsidian Nightwing mount. (Edit to add this also works with Vial of the Sands. Thanks jayed)
2. Have them follow you.
3. ????
4. Profit.

Warning: May cause dizziness.

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This will lead to your... shall we say less mature guildmates to make filthy jokes about mounting.

...Not that I was the one making the jokes. Not at all. >.>

I can't help that guildies have dirty minds. But I've come to the conclusion that Jadyn goes crazy if Desirae gets on top....

Wait, was that another double meaning? Oh noes...

I should scold you for talking about your lesbian adventures in guild chat, but... uh. My house isn't made of glass. It's that super thin stuff they use in the movies where it breaks if you breathe on it. >.>

(I am glad you guys find Rychtier's attempts at seduction as funny as I do. <3)

I'll honestly say everything I said in gchat was completely innocent, until Jo and you pointed out how dirty it sounded XD Then it went down hill from there...

A filthy mind is a terrible thing to waste, truly.

We're just happy to help! <3

HEY!!! This is NOT MY FAULT. I was afk for most of it!

No, really! The furnace repair man was over!

You were the one who said Jadyn would be icked if word got around that Jake mounted her.

(Mind you, Jake would probably have a heart attack because he'd NEVER PARTAKE IN THOSE INTERACTIONS EVER!!!)

HEY! We both agreed that would never be mentioned again! *hides head under a paper bag*

Your house is made of sugar?

This just made me crack up in the middle of the doctors office. No reading silly LJ entries in public.

*test lick*


...I'm not part of the guild but I was mentally making those jokes reading this >:D !

I'm very glad that we're a guild that can make these sorts of jokes, and everyone is comfortable, and above all, comfortable speaking up if someone gets a little carried away. (And the guilty party immediately rectifies it)

It's one of the best places I've called home in the game. :)

Works on the dragon mount as well!!!


It won't work with the rocket mount, I tried. So I guess it'll only work if the person is directly on top.

Hah, I found this out a few weeks ago with the bff and made her kind of ill making her repeat it so I could capture a video and Facebook post it XD


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