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I'm pretty sure for this tier it's a BIS trinket for most casters. EJ or the class forums might be able to give you precise trinket rankings if you want to compare it to the other items you'll have access to.

Yes, and it can be upgraded with the valor system, so that makes it even more valuable.

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Ask Mr Robot can be a great tool for knowing gear, stats, reforges, etc. I find it helpful.

When healing in Cata, the DMF Tsunami trinket lasted me all expansion. I am less experienced with previous longevity on the caster DPS trinket, though I remember people did buy Volcano.

Yu-lon is BiS for pretty much every caster. If you don't plan to raid heroics, then it's a cert. Which is it is you're doing heroics too! If money's an issue, I suggest putting it on your main raiding character first.

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