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UI Mod Monday!
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
It's Christmas Eve!!!

Wriggly kitty

As promised, a UI Mod Monday post despite the pre-holiday-madness, for all your UI, mod, and addon needs. =) I'm off to clean my kitchen so I can make a mess of it tomorrow. Have fun, everyone! Be safe, and Merry Christmas!

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OMG that kitten. :D

I am off to clean my kitchen, so I can mess it up tonight, and then again tomorrow. :3

As an update to my past week's questions, I still have not completely fixed my tainted addon issues; random things are still calling compact raid frames, although updating addons seems to have helped. If I find a solution, I will post here! <3

Can anyone suggest an addon to keep track of paladin-like things? Specifically, I would like something that puts my CDs in big, honking icons that I can drag places. I sometimes lose a second or two when DPSing because I'm looking up at where I'm going (like trying to get out of bad while still staying on things as much as possible) and sometimes I forget or don't see that "oh yeah, that X second CD is up, HITDABUTTON."

I've used Ovale* on my casters to put my trinket CDs up in my face where I can see it, and it also puts up a huge Haunt icon when I get a soul shard back on my warlock, so it's a helpful reminder, buuuuuuut on my retadin it seems convinced that my main attack is Kings, even when I'm in combat, with a target, and have already CAST Kings, and it also shows none of my other skills or CDs. I just get a big icon of Kings and empty blocks where other things should be. (Is that a bug for this addon? Because it doesn't do a thing for my retadin...)

*I would of course use a spell priority teaching tool as a means to track a SINGLE proc on my warlock and trinket CDs and not at all for what it's actually meant to do... XD

You can't really move them around but I use a CD bar on the side of my screen (I've enlarged it so that it's about as wide as two or three of my button bars would be if you had them vertical and side by side.)

I use Coolline Cooldowns. You can change the look, how big the bar is, whether you want it horizontal or vertical, and the direction of where the spells go as they get off their CDs (I have mine going from bottom to top so it's kind of out of the bottom mess and more visible.)

Alternative options:

* a button cooldown addon were the buttons will flash when off CD. I haven't really done a lot with those.
* Wow has added a bit of an old addon called Power Aura's. This is where you get glow around your character on certain spells and such. You can get the addon and put more flashy things around your character too. I used PA for a while but it's some what more than my computer could handle but a whole lot of people LOVE it.

I'm not sure if its what you're looking for, but I've seen an addon called Spellflash:Paladin that I think does what you want. I've never used it, but it's popped up when I've been looking for other things =)

Continuing the Paladin theme, I'm looking for help on weak auras.

I had, for ret, a visual tracker for the time left on Inquisition. I'd like to set that up for Sacred Shield with my prot spec, but there's a problem.

The proc off of Sacred Shield is also called Sacred Shield, and that messes with my timer. Any tips?

Try using the aura's spell ID instead of the name. That requires you to use Full Scan, so it may or may not slow things down too much, but I just tested it and it seems to work.

Spell ID 20925 = 30 second buff, 65148 = 6 second buff. (Thanks to the comments on Wowhead.)

I will do this, thank you!

I have this weird problem with tidy plates on my priest. This seemingly happens mostly with my priest when she is shadow but I think it's happened when she was holy too. (holy is prim spec, shadow is secondary.)

Anyway, all the NPC's that are either neutral or friendly have a huge green bar over their heads that are big enough to totally make it impossible to see names and even the quests. I use tidy plate on my resto/ele shammy and have never had this problem. I'm picking my priest back up, though, which is why this problem has popped up now instead of months ago. XD

Have you accidentally enabled friendly name plates? Esc -> Interface -> Names -> Uncheck Friendly Units underneath the dropdown list for Nameplate Motion Type, under the heading Unit Nameplates.

You should still be able to see the names above the nameplates, though. Try checking your Tidy Plates name settings. It's in the individual theme settings (Neon, Graphite, etc.). The only theme I have installed is Threat Plates, in which it's in the Nameplate Settings tab -> Name Text. I don't know about any of the others, sorry.

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