roguebait (roguebait) wrote in wow_ladies,

Doing it Wrong

I've got to be doing something wrong on my paladin.

You can see him here. (The unenchanted shoulders and missing belt buckle are simply because I cannot afford the enhancements, and I haven't had the opportunity to get in touch with somebody who can make the leg armor. The cloak is the exception - it's green and so I really don't want to waste an enchant on it, only to have it be replaced when I get lucky - or get enough JP to buy a cloak.)

So. Here's my problem: How can I threat better?

I've reforged to hit and expertise caps, but I cannot hold AoE threat at all. I use consecrate and Light's Hammer, spam Hammer of the Righteous until my hair falls out, but I still lose it to warlocks and frost mages. I have to be doing something wrong here, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what.

And, yeah. I've made the mistake of not having RF up a time or two (bouncing back and forth between tank and heals, depending on which role the dungeon sticks me in), so that's always the first thing I check. I usually check it a couple more times just to be sure before I start griping to my guild about *@$(!*&^% frost mages all up in my threat.
Tags: paladin: protection
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