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Doing it Wrong
roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
I've got to be doing something wrong on my paladin.

You can see him here. (The unenchanted shoulders and missing belt buckle are simply because I cannot afford the enhancements, and I haven't had the opportunity to get in touch with somebody who can make the leg armor. The cloak is the exception - it's green and so I really don't want to waste an enchant on it, only to have it be replaced when I get lucky - or get enough JP to buy a cloak.)

So. Here's my problem: How can I threat better?

I've reforged to hit and expertise caps, but I cannot hold AoE threat at all. I use consecrate and Light's Hammer, spam Hammer of the Righteous until my hair falls out, but I still lose it to warlocks and frost mages. I have to be doing something wrong here, but I cannot for the life of me figure out what.

And, yeah. I've made the mistake of not having RF up a time or two (bouncing back and forth between tank and heals, depending on which role the dungeon sticks me in), so that's always the first thing I check. I usually check it a couple more times just to be sure before I start griping to my guild about *@$(!*&^% frost mages all up in my threat.

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AoE threat is a pain; the pala tank in my guild has been complaining about AoE threat since Mists. Certainly on my DK I've been needing to cycle through mobs w/ tab target & use rune strike more than I used to

Silly question: I'm guessing you do have RF up right ? I know I've forgotten it once or twice on my pala. Or forget blood presence on my DK. Forgotten often enough that I've got auras to remind me of that sort of thing now!

Well Im not sure what you are doing wrong but their are two common problems.....Range not attacking YOUR target so u dont have enough threat built up if they are geared fairly well...AND PEOPLE NEED TO WATCH THEIR all i am saying is it may not be your tanking :)

Seconding. Pure DPS classes can put out a lot of threat, especially as they gear up. Mages and warlocks specifically (I've never played them, but I know my still-leveling protadin has no trouble maintaining threat...except with these two classes).

Warlocks have an ability that generates massive threat, make sure they aren't using it. Mages are just... dps machines. :/

Hunters should always be misdirecting, but you don't mention them as a problem, so.. :/

Good to know I'm not the only one. It's to the point now where I don't want to touch my mage and lock because, seriously? I don't want to be That Person.

Of course, I play FIYA not frost, have since I made my mage at the launch of BC, and it still sends me into paroxysms that frost is out deepsing fire. But that's a tale for another day.

It's that dadgum frost pet that the Frosties get. That's my fire mage's story, and she's sticking to it. (And since my frost mage is A: not 89 like the FLAMEBAIT mage, and B: a puntable gnome, she's keeping quiet.)

Fire should get a pet, too. We're clearly the superior spec.

Shamans stole our pet! Hmph.

(I got a Cinder Kitten for Winter Veil, though! SO CUTE. Ahem. Also a Li'l Ragneros. But the Summer Scorchling fits best...)

Yes. I've leveled both a mage and a warlock, and every so often I'd get an instance of "cast cast proc AGGRO" on accident. I at least have the sense to watch my threat on things, but accidents did happen to me. At least with these two classes I can say the "whoops threat get" evens out some as you reach heroics and LFR.

Mages are just... dps machines. :/

Oooooh yeah! I second. Mwahahah! My mage was a fire cat. Leveled her in Cata and man! I stole so much aggro that it wasn't funny. Mages were always a pain in my healers booties so when I could, I just went all out on my mage. Until I got screamed at. XD

I need to level her to 90 but ... my healers need to get to 90 too. D;

All reply's are good so far. Making sure RF isn't forgotten is probably your biggest concern. The bigger concern is your dps slamming away without waiting a second for you to get aggro, which is probably what you see more often than not. I have been playing my priest as shadow running dungeons with my bf's dk tank. Oh boy can it be a mess if I don't hold off and wait for him to get threat! But, it does seem like the AoE threat generation is somewhat harder in this expansion, I'll see as we progress. Good luck to you in your tanking!

I've made the mistake of not having RF up a time or two, myself, so that's always the first thing I check.. and the second, and the third. JUST to make sure.

I usually switch to Seal of Righteousness when AoE tanking, as well. It helps a little because it hits all targets in melee range, rather than Seal of Truth only hitting the main target.

I long for the days when maintaining aggro was the tank's job AND the dps's job. I watch Omen like a hawk when I'm playing my mage, my finger ever-hovering over that Ice Block or Invisibility button. Used to be, when a mob peeled off a tank and went to nom a dps, the tank let the mob free until the dps ate floor tiles, then picked the mob back up again. Now it's the tank's fault for not being able to generate huge amounts of aggro with one button push.

For what it's worth, at least, with frost mages that don't feel like doing their job and counting to five before casting with an unknown tank (if I'm with my husband, I cast when he charges, but anyone else? 1...2...3...), you'll at least get a 2-3 second grace period because they don't have a lot of burst damage (without incredibly lucky beginning-of-fight procs). That's of course assuming they aren't pulling for you. Guh. *shakes fist at mages making her mage look bad*

This is something that's very hard for me to keep in mind when I'm tanking: if you know you're doing absolutely everything in your power to keep aggro off of people save laying yourself down in front of the mob to keep them from peeling, then it's not your fault. Instances are group efforts and you can't be obligated to maintain control on a mob group if people on your side aren't doing their jobs. I try to just focus on keeping my healer alive and grabbing something if I see it peel. Maybe I'm a bad tank for it (and of course if it's a mechanic that makes aggro go stupid and run all over the place, I try to grab things back up again), but if they were in a raid group doing progression content and they were pulling crap off the MT, I don't think anyone would yell at the MT. They need to remember that.

Frost mages always seem to want to start the fight by casting their pet's freeze, though. Which puts the mobs where I don't want them, and gives them an instant snap of damage.


That is the stupidest thing I've ever heard. I think it was back in BC when Ice Barrier first started casting a free Frost Nova if it broke. It was great for leveling, but the first time that happened in an instance and froze all the mobs in place, my stomach dropped. I've never specced out of a talent faster.

I know you want some free Shatters, but ffs, there's plenty of stuff to do before you get to that. Stop being lazy, mages!

I asked one mage to kindly stop it and she was like, "I don't think you know how frost works. We freeze things." I wanted to rip her a new one; instead I stopped saving her.

So... you put her on ice?


Suggestion, if you're regularly forgetting RF: SmartBuff. It lets you choose which buffs you want to always have up and gives you a visual reminder, and binds casting the buffs to the scroll wheel. I would seriously forget RF all the freaking time if not for this add-on, it's BRILLIANT.

You also has holy wrath, just saying it since you didn't :p

On my hunter i can easily misdirect as well as rogue tricks, so I don't have any problems there.

On my frost mage, not very well geared because i kinda gave up when i saw the lvl 90 talents, mobs are quite angry at me yeah, with frostbomg and frostfire crits. My lock is only 66 and my warrior 75 but hte lock has consistenly put out more threath compared to my warrior with rain of fire and aoe incinerate.

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