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All addons reset
dotty wrote in wow_ladies
As a special early Christmas present I logged on today to find all my (132 - yes I have a problem) addons reset. I nearly had a heartattack before confirming that atleast my carefully set up TSM auction groups were safe, but it looks like every. single. other addon is back to default. I was actually pretty happy with the setup I had, for once, and it took me a looong time to get right so this is ... not fun.

Any ideas what might have caused it? I haven't done anything that should have done this - I updated some addons with Curse yesterday, and that's the extent of my addon tinkering lately. Ghost of Christmas past? Blizzard's way of saying I've been naughty this year? Indication that the Mayans were half-right but just missed the "of Warcraft" part? Any theories are welcome, I am baffled. 

Lastly, I know it's not UI Monday but would you kind ladies hit me up with some inspiration screenies for a new UI? I will scream if I attempt to recreate the one I had, and since it is almost a new year I suppose I may as well redecorate. 

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