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All addons reset
dotty wrote in wow_ladies
As a special early Christmas present I logged on today to find all my (132 - yes I have a problem) addons reset. I nearly had a heartattack before confirming that atleast my carefully set up TSM auction groups were safe, but it looks like every. single. other addon is back to default. I was actually pretty happy with the setup I had, for once, and it took me a looong time to get right so this is ... not fun.

Any ideas what might have caused it? I haven't done anything that should have done this - I updated some addons with Curse yesterday, and that's the extent of my addon tinkering lately. Ghost of Christmas past? Blizzard's way of saying I've been naughty this year? Indication that the Mayans were half-right but just missed the "of Warcraft" part? Any theories are welcome, I am baffled. 

Lastly, I know it's not UI Monday but would you kind ladies hit me up with some inspiration screenies for a new UI? I will scream if I attempt to recreate the one I had, and since it is almost a new year I suppose I may as well redecorate. 

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I am particularly fond of LUI. It's minimalistic and easily set up.

I have a few additions to it; Prat, DBM, StatBlockCore and other RP addons, but.. it's nice.

If you decide to try it, you want to use the latest alpha version, as the one on WoW Interface is a little out of date. But it does have screenshots. :)

Ah yeeah, I've seen that one around the interwebs! It's very nice, it's just an itty bit too spacey/sci-fi for me but I can definitely use it as inspiration. I love the uniform look of it, I love UIs that distract as little as possible from the actual game environment.

If you're running Windows Vista or higher, it's possible that the game put the account folder in another place, like Public/Games, if you had it somewhere else. Try doing a search for WTF and see if you have more than one folder.

First, immediately make a copy of your WTF folder and put it somewhere. Your WTF folder makes backups and just in case some backups might get overwritten with default addon settings when you load the game, so save it and put it somewhere.

Second, dig through your WTF folder and find which addons you want to restore your personal settings for. Find the file named "addonname.lua.bak" and delete the normal "addonname.lua" and rename the BAK file to just "addonname.lua". Load the game and you should have your old settings back. Works for most mods if you catch it in time.

Lastly, when your UI is how you want it, don't forget to make a backup of your WTF folder and put it somewhere. It may be a lifesaver later! ;)

Definitely follow the last tip. Once you have your layout right copy your WTF folder. I normally stick it with a txt document listing all addons and a screenshot in a zip

I've used for inspiration before. Many of the UIs there are way too minimalist for my tastes or have a lot of custom LUA coding that make them hard to replicate directly, but the general designs can be nice.

I've also had my WTF settings vanish after a game crash before. It's usually a good idea to back it up every so often. :(

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