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roguebait wrote in wow_ladies
I'm looking for somebody who has the ability to make Felstalker Breastplate, or has the necessary rep to buy the pattern - it requires Honored with Thrallmar.

I am still in the process of gathering up the 8 motes of air necessary (almost halfway there, had to break from killing airs before I tore out my hairs), but should have the necessary items soon enough. Hopefully. If the RNG gods look favorably upon me.

Currently on my pallydan, Danovien, gathering up mats, but I will be swapping soon enough to the hunter, Jolenta, to get the rest of the mog together.

ETA: I've gone to bed, but if you or someone you know is able to make it, if you'd be willing to send Jolenta a note in the mail, I'd be much appreciative.

ETA 2 - ETA Returns: I got the chest piece, disregard post.

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