ℐ♡ (intimate) wrote in wow_ladies,

Ambassador of the Horde

I have a question about this achievement. Ok so I'm trying to get this Achievement on my DK along with other achievements as I'm getting a little bored of leveling right now and I can't really run dungeons atm. My macbook keeps disconnecting from the wifi for some reason so I'm not running dungeons until I get a new desk and can sit comfortably hooked up directly to our router. Anyhow I have yet to get this achievement for some stupid reason and here I am trying to get it at 88.

Well I was wondering what would be the fastest way to grind for rep? Sadly my DK isn't exalted with any of the 6 horde factions. So would it be faster to run low level dungeons or do low level quests? I hear with low level quests you get rep for all factions but more for the faction that represents the quest. Is this true? If it is this would probably be faster am I correct? I guess if I were to do it the quest way I could also clear some areas for loremaster.

How did you go about getting exalted with all 6? Whether your horde or alliance.
Tags: achievement: reputation
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