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Ambassador of the Horde
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intimate wrote in wow_ladies
I have a question about this achievement. Ok so I'm trying to get this Achievement on my DK along with other achievements as I'm getting a little bored of leveling right now and I can't really run dungeons atm. My macbook keeps disconnecting from the wifi for some reason so I'm not running dungeons until I get a new desk and can sit comfortably hooked up directly to our router. Anyhow I have yet to get this achievement for some stupid reason and here I am trying to get it at 88.

Well I was wondering what would be the fastest way to grind for rep? Sadly my DK isn't exalted with any of the 6 horde factions. So would it be faster to run low level dungeons or do low level quests? I hear with low level quests you get rep for all factions but more for the faction that represents the quest. Is this true? If it is this would probably be faster am I correct? I guess if I were to do it the quest way I could also clear some areas for loremaster.

How did you go about getting exalted with all 6? Whether your horde or alliance.

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The fastest way is to get a tabard from the race quartermasters from the major cities. They should be located right next to the flight masters. Wear the tabards when you run dungeons and you'll get exalted in no time.

Well I know the tabards and dungeons, I do it when leveling alts other than DKs. Have any recommendations on which dungeons give you the most rep?

At a fast response - those which are longest I'd guess, so maybe BRD or similar? I'm thinking the ones where people always drop out before you get to the end on the finder... :)

Lol makes sense. Funny thing is I actually ran a little less than half of it the other day to get the Jenkins title and forgot to equip a tabard. D:

Deadmines on Normal is also a fairly good one if you can get to them easily. Everything that can die there gives rep when killed.

Including the non-elite trash, and smashing the cannons on the ship with one of your attacks.

I did this several years ago and as Alliance, so what I have to say might be a little out of date.

Yes, I think you do actually get a little rep for each faction when you do quests. The text you get after completing the quest won't explicitly say that though. Like, lets say you're doing something for Org rep. The quest will say something like, "Reputation for Orgimmar increased by 250" and that's it. The other rep gains won't be expressed in text.

Low level dungeons would only get you rep for whatever faction you're wearing a tabard for. You may have to go the tabard way for the goblins, because if they're like Gilneas is for the Alliance, their starting area isn't available after leaving it. I do know they re-did Azshara as a low level zone, but I don't know if that rep there is for Org or for the goblins.

Also, if you haven't done Argent Tournament stuff in Northrend you can also get reputation that way, although since those are dailies you can only get so much per day.

Alright thank you! :) Completely forgot about doing goblins lol.

fastest way is to grab the tabards for those factions from the quartermasters in their respective cities, and then run any level dungeons I believe to get the faction up. That is the fastest way, I believe. Aside from that, start questing from level 1-10 zones, and do the dungeons as you get there.

That makes sense. I would assume running dungeons with more mobs would drop more rep right?

I believe? It has been a while since I grinded that rep :p I tossed the tabard on while I was levelling through RAF and just switched when I hit exalted with each.

Lol yeah that's what I normally do with alts but I usually get to only about 2 maybe 3 different races before hitting the dungeons where they don't count toward them anymore. :(

So I figured it would just be easier to breeze through low level content on my DK than try on an alt who is at like level 40 lol.

What I did on my DK when I worked on this one...

I went back and did the start zone quests for each race up until the zones converged, or about lvl 12 quests... (SMC I did until they sent me to Ghostlands, Undercity I think I did until Hillsbrad - if you haven't done the quests at the gate OMG you should, being a quest giver is a scream!) Troll I haven't actually gone back and done their new start zone, but troll and orc I'd do until they met up around Durotar. Goblin is harder because you can't go to the start zone, but you might get some goblin rep for Azshara quests.

THEN I checked the dungeon drop lists for transmog stuff I wanted, grabbed my tabards, and started hitting Outland dungeons. They're quick, you usually get double rep for them - the rep for the tabard and the rep for whatever faction the dungeon is associated with - and get some fun transmog stuff.

Was the most efficient rep grinding I found.

Ohh I never thought about trying to pick up transmog items along the way. Hmm I'll have to make a list before I start lol. Thank you. :P

OL dungeons only give rep for whatever OL faction is attached to them. Never have my faction tabards worked there.

I saw someone else mention that, too, which is odd to me. I actually finished off three reps in Ramps waiting for a mog piece to drop (seriously took almost a month to get it). Granting it's been a bit since I did it, it hasn't been THAT long because it was right after xmog became available. I don't know how to explain that, but it *did* work because I *did* it. *shrug*

I think it does 'other' reps only if you have already maxed out the rep that the dungeon 'belongs' to, if that makes sense?

I tested it last night when I was doing mog gear and didn't get any rep, but that's not to say things aren't borked atm. Glyph of Binding is broken, and a few other things broke in the last week that I talked to a GM about so who knows XD

eh, thinking about it, it's entirely possible it was an unintended effect of mucking with the dungeons and putting the quest givers inside, because that's when it started. Either way, whether it was broken then or broken now, that's how I did it. The principle works for northrend, cata, and pandaria dungeons as well, though. =)

When I was doing it on my DK I found that at level 85 it was faster doing Northrend heroics than others because I would get something like 24-35 rep per mob plus 300-ish per boss while norm Northrend was about 17 per mob and 125 per boss. But I can't remember offhand if I was grinding Northrend or old world rep, I just remember swapping tabards.

I thought past BRD or LBRS (can't remember which one) the faction tabards no longer work? Or maybe I'm imagining things. Either way I didn't know why work for Northrend Heroics.

They don't work in Outlands dungeons, because those each have their own rep associated with them that you're gaining instead, but they start working again in Northrend dungeons because you're not gaining a rep through the dungeon already.

WHAT?! Are you serious?! Damn it, I need to read more or something lol. I really wish I knew this a long time ago. I figured once you hit outlands they just didn't work anymore. Oh I feel kind of dumb now lol. xD

They work in Pandaria dungeons too, I totally hit Exalted with Gilneas while doing the 85+ normals.

I'm not running Pandaria dungeons right now though. My internet is disconnecting too much and I either get kicked and get locked out or I just say screw it I'm tired of disconnecting and reconnecting my wifi, I just won't play anymore. Which is actually the main reason I haven't hit 88 yet. Sooo frustrating at higher levels lol. But that's definitely good to know. :P

Also, you can wear Cata tabards in MoP dungeons and get rep. I had guildies forget to take off say a Ramkahen tabard, and they'd hit exalted while leveling in a dungeon.

I went for the Ambassador of the Horde title at the same time that I was clearing through all the low-level zones for Loremaster, as it was a fairly no-brainer two birds with one stone thing. After that, I bought faction tabards (which, depending on how many other tabards you've got, lso nets you the tabard equipping achieves) and thumped through the Northrend dungeons (BC dungeons and raids don't give req except for their assigned faction for some reason, and while Northrend have assigned factions for rep-gaining, you can override it with a faction tabard). The nice thing about doing the grind in Northrend dungeons is that, at anything over 82, they're mostly a crapshoot to solo, and you net a decent amount of gold and items for selling/AH or transmogging as well as the rep you're actually after.

Good luck!

Thank you so much! I appreciate the tips. I'll probably start this tomorrow. :)

I was farming BC dungeons for the raven lord, white hawkstrider, and pheonix pet anyway, so I just threw on the tabards and grinded the rep at the same time. It's not a bad moneymaker either if you loot and sell everything. Magister's Terrace has a lot of trash mobs that gave a nice chunk of rep with each run.

- You will get rep from quests for the attached faction, and for all other Horde factions up to 5,999/6,000 Friendly. Spillover rep can't push you into Honored; only dungeon rep and quests for the faction can do that. I'd recommend a tabard in conjunction with Northrend heroics -- that'd likely give you the most bang for your time, since rep gain scales down as you level past a dungeon.

It got mine simply by wearing a city tabard all the time levelling until I got to Exalted with that, and then switching to another one. As for how to do it - level all quests that give you rep for a particular faction, and do multiple dungeons a day. Doing that you will find you get the rep very quickly.

I just did the Tournament. You can turn in quests and be rewarded with tokens that become the rep of your choice. You open up each faction as you go along, and it's really simple to get exaulted that way.

This would be my plan too; if I recall correctly it's 28 days from starting Argent Tournament to finished all factions, picking up rep for each of the cities there, or if you've got more playing time, spend the half hour a day on one faction at the tournament (so you can unlock another) while quest/dungeon grinding another. Reminds me that I still need the argent pony on my newest big toon, shame that's not account-wide.

the hatter

Oh man the argent pony DX I have to get off my ass to get MOST of the Horde mounts *sigh*

I kinda cheated because I got it before we had all the races :)

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