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Looking for dedicated raiders
nokomis2877 wrote in wow_ladies

Are you looking to raid and haven't found a home yet? Vendelo eranu horde side on Khadgar US is looking for you!! We are a fun casual level 25 guild looking to fill in some spots on our raid team. We are looking for a healer with dps off spec and at least one melee dps and possible ranged dps. Please speak to Kazraz in game and tell her Deleroth sent you. Or just speak to Deleroth if he's on (that's me). Khadgar is a med pop east coast PvE server and we raid Wed nights from 8 server time to whenever someone gets tired (we try not to go too late). We also do old content for transmog gear and achieves. I do hope someone will join us. We have a lot of fun while raiding but we do want to start progressing. We have seen the first fight but haven't had success yet due to pugging our last few spots. Please be our last few spots. See you in game!

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Know this isn't really what you're looking for, but I have a few teeny alts on Khadgar--do you accept random social members?

Yep!! We love everyone. A social person could eventually want to learn to raid. That's what happened to me and I'm one of the good ones lol.

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