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how to find a home these days
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arohanui wrote in wow_ladies
Sorry to swoop down randomly into this community, but I'm hoping you could give me some advice.

I last played WoW six years ago, but I've been hit by a yearning to get back to it.  Back in the Stone Age, I met /friends and potential guildmates in PuGs: it was easy to see who was competent and pleasant to group with.  Everything I've read about the advent of the multi-server Dungeon Finder suggests that a) the amount of griefing has escalated since there's no accountability, so it's more important than ever to be in a good guild, and b) I'll have to apply to guilds "cold".  The thought of testing out a whole bunch of guilds is wearying just to think about, and I'm worried that I'm going to feel very alone.

I've just come across the notion of female-only guilds and it appeals to me immensely. Women gamers can be just as much idiots as men, I know, but the females I've played with before have tended to be more mature on average, and of course I've had to deal with less sexism, patronization and unwanted attention from them.  It just seems a good filter.

So is there any way to track down guilds that, if not female-only, have a goodly proportion of women or who are at least female-friendly? I've yet to see a guild website that gives any indication of that, most of them have private forums, and obviously looking at members' toons isn't going to give anything away,   Posting a request on the WoW forums just looks like an invitation for trolling.

This is helpful, but any further general advice on how to scout out good guilds these days would be welcome.  I've not chosen a server yet, but it'll need to be Oceanic PvE because I may eventually want to raid.

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