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how to find a home these days
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arohanui wrote in wow_ladies
Sorry to swoop down randomly into this community, but I'm hoping you could give me some advice.

I last played WoW six years ago, but I've been hit by a yearning to get back to it.  Back in the Stone Age, I met /friends and potential guildmates in PuGs: it was easy to see who was competent and pleasant to group with.  Everything I've read about the advent of the multi-server Dungeon Finder suggests that a) the amount of griefing has escalated since there's no accountability, so it's more important than ever to be in a good guild, and b) I'll have to apply to guilds "cold".  The thought of testing out a whole bunch of guilds is wearying just to think about, and I'm worried that I'm going to feel very alone.

I've just come across the notion of female-only guilds and it appeals to me immensely. Women gamers can be just as much idiots as men, I know, but the females I've played with before have tended to be more mature on average, and of course I've had to deal with less sexism, patronization and unwanted attention from them.  It just seems a good filter.

So is there any way to track down guilds that, if not female-only, have a goodly proportion of women or who are at least female-friendly? I've yet to see a guild website that gives any indication of that, most of them have private forums, and obviously looking at members' toons isn't going to give anything away,   Posting a request on the WoW forums just looks like an invitation for trolling.

This is helpful, but any further general advice on how to scout out good guilds these days would be welcome.  I've not chosen a server yet, but it'll need to be Oceanic PvE because I may eventually want to raid.

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Daughters of the Horde and Daughters of the Alliance are the two main women-only guilds I know of. I'm sure there are others out there!

They're enormously tempting, but it's just going to be unfeasible for me to play on the US servers: everyone would be in bed.

You'd be surprised. My own guild has, among others, a player who lives and works in Korea (he's American), and an Australian couple, and has had a number of Oceanic players in the past. (Most of them aren't playing WoW any more.) While their ability to participate in group activities is limited by work schedules, we still see a fair amount of them around. People have all kinds of weird hours.

Actually it's partly because we get such atrocious ping times out here, it'd be easier to raid with those similarly afflicted.

Yeah. The Oceanic servers are in California, AFAIK. I don't know how Oceanic players tolerate it -- our most regular Australia-based player (she's actually Canadian, but married an Aussie), and what to her is a good ping time renders the game borderline-unplayable for me.

Honestly, I'm in the US and a night owl. I've run into a surprising amount of people playing late at night, across several servers. (Or else people from other countries playing on US servers, also!) If a women-only guild is what you're looking for, I would contact them and ask if they have folks playing at times you'd be online :)

(I want to say that WoW Insider did an interview with at least one women-only guild in the last six months or so, ish, also. I don't remember which server they were on, though.)

With regards to DoTA, we do have a pretty fair ANZ representation in the guild - and quite a few night owls on the US side! Raids with DotA tend to be around ... 1pm? my time, which is AEST. So I think that makes it closer to 4 for you? If I'm stalking your profile correctly. If anything, you're always welcome to roll an alt to check either side out. :)

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I don't know a lot about the Oceanic realms, but I know when you're looking, just talk to the people advertising. Don't be afraid to hop around between guilds a bit until you find one to your liking. Also, don't rule out non-oceanic realms. There are a lot of late night or early morning raid groups on a number of servers. You can also level in one guild then look to raid with another when you're ready. Some raiding guilds have social ranks, but not all do (or they're only for friends/family/alts of raiders). Just feel things out with a number of guilds until you find a good fit.

> Just feel things out with a number of guilds until you find a good fit.

Y'know, I think part of the reason I'm freaking out is that I'm so shy. I need to just man up and do the legwork.

Posting a request on the WoW forums just looks like an invitation for trolling

I was actually going to suggest posting in the guild recruitment forums, because while you may get a troll response or two, I've seen that work for other people looking for specific guilds (ex. certain types of RP guilds, guilds for players locked to a certain level bracket, etc.).

The WoW site does have a lot of information though, so if you don't feel comfortable outright asking, you can try to find something using the forum search. If you search for women-only/friendly guilds, you might find some hits on one of the various sub-forums. Or, if you know the potential PvE servers you're interested in, you can browse their realm sub-forum manually (I usually do that to research potential realms before switching).

In addition to what regen suggested above, I'd also check out WoW Insider. Most specifically, I would check out their interviews with players and the Drama Mamas feature. The reason I say this is that as far as the interviews go, they often interview people who either run or are members of guilds that have done some pretty cool things. I mentioned in a comment above they interviewed somebody who is part of a women-only guild awhile back. WoW Insider tends to be fairly progressively minded so have often interviewed people who are in GBLT friendly guilds or the like.

(I actually found my favorite guild ever through a WoW Insider interview. They interviewed Rainnajax of Savage Maidens, which was a themed guild -- female toons only! The GMs were a lesbian couple, and while there were guys in the guild, it was entirely female led (I think there may have been one guy officer but that was it) and they did not put up with any sexist BS. The guild unfortunately disbanded when the GMs needed to full time care for L's dad who got cancer. I'm still in touch and somewhat close with a bunch of people from back then even though that was like 5yrs ago now.)

The reason I suggest the Drama Mamas feature is because some of the people who write in for advice are looking for guilds that are accepting of them being GBLT or disabled or female or whatnot, and people will sometimes recommend guilds in the comments. It may give you some direction.

Check out the Guild: Recruitment tag here, too! Folks here on WoW Ladies tend to be pretty aware, and what I would look for is terms regarding discrimination, social justice, or anti-oppression... any guild that recruits with that as a notation will usually not tolerate the sort of sexist situations it sounds like you are concerned about. (For instance, I run a guild on WrA and we have specific rules in place for behavior and language. I know that there are a bunch of other guilds like that out there, because I have seen them recruit here. :)

WoW Insider is fabulous. I loved that interview with the 70 yo grandma GL, but it didn't occur to me to use the interviews to scout out guilds. I'll have to read more. And your recruitment tag is a great idea too.

You may want to look into RP servers, anyway, although I am not aware of any guilds that are all-female OOC off the top of my head. There are raiding guilds on RP servers, although they tend to take a more casual approach and not have the greatest of progression. It also seems like there are more openly female players than I saw when I played on a PvE server. No one minds if you don't RP (aside from a handful of elitist jerks) so long as you don't disrupt RP, and even when I'm not in character I find the little bits of RP I do catch to be quite immersible; PvE realms just feel... dead and soulless in comparison. The general user base also tends to be a little more mature (although still sometimes prone to stupid drama.)

Thanks, that's all great advice, I appreciate it.

It's also encouraging. Maybe things aren't so bad out there as I fear.

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