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I Can't Decide!

Okay, so, I have two characters that are both perfect options as the one I'll pick for our guild's alternate raid, which should be starting up in a few weeks. But I can't decide which to choose! So, behind the cut are pictures and descriptions- wow_ladies, lend me your voices!

I love playing both these characters, and I love their look. I stick to dps'ing, so any raid utility reasons should stick to dps specs. :P Of course, my raid leader will have a say in the final decision in case of comp issues, but he wanted me to decide first so he could take my wants into consideration.

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This is Meeshah, my Ret Paladin. She has maxed Enchanting, and is gorgeous in the pretty shiny 'I bleed the Light when you cut me' sort of ways. Plus, Pallies are great at helping out the healers during raids with various self heals.

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This is Aleu, my dual wielding Frost Death Knight. She is amazing in the 'I'm going to rip your face off and add it to my facebook' sort of way. She is also maxed mining and blacksmithing, and badass looking all around.

Tell me which you'd pick!

Also, my guild is #1 on our server, 2 heroic bosses ahead of the other progression guilds! When I started playing I never imagined I'D someday be gunning for server firsts, that's for sure. So if you see anyone from Accursed around on WrA Alliance, give them a hug, because they're all amazing people, and basically my internet family. <3
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