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Calling all RPers of any server!
WoW: Thistle hugging Penny
thistle_chaser wrote in wow_ladies
Hello everyone! The IC Twitter Project has been going strong for two years or so, but we're always looking for new folks to join!

How's it work? ICly your character acquires a book/tome. They're left in piles in every major city, so you could just pick up one that way. You could buy it from some get-rich-quick goblin (wait, redundant!). You could find it on a dead body. It can fall from the sky and hit you on the head. Anything works!

If someone sold it or gave it to you, they likely told you what it is: A magic book that permits you to communicate with anyone else who has one. The book translates all languages (so yay cross faction RP!). If you found it, your character will likely jot down a note and might be surprised when "the book" replies.

It's that simple on the IC end!

One of the biggest worries a lot of folks have is they never used Twitter before. I hadn't, previous to the IC project. It's easy as pie to learn! Just go to and make an account. Your account name will be your "book name" that everyone will know you by. You can use your character's real name, nickname, job, random words, whatever. I use @Sunthistle for my character Mikha Sunthistle, but @SteadfastShield for my more security-minded paladin.

ICly the book has two parts, the front and the back. The front pages are public tweets -- anyone with a tome can see them. The back pages are PMs (for some reason Twitter calls PMs DMs, but it's the same thing: A private message to one person).

New folks who learn about the IC Twitter Project through the official forum have a hard time finding active folks (it makes me sad how many potential new folks we must lose due to lack of contact). However, it's not hard to make contact with others! Just go to an active person's feed and check out who they follow.

Mine is:

Sego's is: (Linked here with her permission)

You can go through either or both of those lists and follow them all. Your book just magically adds folks on its own, so no need to reason it away ICly.

However, you can ICly control who is in your book as well. ICly, the very last page of your book is a list of all the people connected to your book, so you can strike a name/cross it out to remove them, or write a name in.

This is getting long and I don't want to overwhelm folks. It's just such a great tool for RP, I get excited talking about it. :) I'm approaching 20,000 IC messages through Twitter over about two years! I've found endless RP though it, made great friends, and just had so much fun. :)

Shy about approaching people in game for RP? It's easy to meet people through the book and then set up in-game or IM RP later!

Want to RP with people on another server? Anyone can join, we have active members from many other servers! It doesn't even have to be someone on a RP server. It doesn't even have to be someone with an active WoW account! Former players can keep IC ties with the help of the Twitter project.

New to RP? This is a great way to dip your toe into the water! There's no time requirement, you can post once today and once this weekend and once next week and you won't be kicked out or anything like that. We've had people leave the project for a months and return to it! Even within a day there's no pressure time-wise. Characters ICly open/close the book as needed, so you'll always be perfectly fine ignoring Twitter when RL things come up.

I love this project because it lets you RP at odd times. Waiting for an appointment? Jump on Twitter for a moment and RP! Slow day at work? There's RP at hand! Downtime between classes? Say hi ICly!

If you have any questions about this at all, please feel free to ask! Either post a comment here or send me a PM, I'll answer as best I can.

Edit: And blind characters aren't excluded. There are magic pens that will write for you if needed. Books can be enchanted to read to you if you can't see. All are welcome! :)

Edit 2: Usually I'm fast to reply to comments and active on Twitter during the day, but tomorrow I'll be in a meeting all day for work. Apologies in advance for delayed reply to LJ comments or anyone's first IC tweets. :)

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Totally set up an account for my resto druid Tarrina I'm feel free to add her and I'm super excited :D

Added, yay!

You might want to edit out the 'IRL' from your twitter name. Since these are supposed to be IC, it might confuse people. :)

If you want to, just go into 'account settings' and you can do it from there.

Welcome to the project!

Hm, lets try this!

@IshethGarrick -> my feral druid :D

Yay, followed! Welcome to the Project, too! :D

I'm so excited!! Since my guild moved off WrA (where Isheth 1.0 still lives >>;) I've missed RPing SO MUCH with WoW!

YAY! Can't wait to RP with you! :D Sometimes it takes a while for everyone to follow each other, but we have lots of spiffy folks in the project. I hope you get all the RP you can handle. :D

I want to start one for my troll priest but I've never used twitter before so it may take me a bit to set up :(
Sounds like a great option for my Worgen too since he's not on an rp server!

It wasn't too hard, if you have any questions just throw them up here and we can help :D

Yes, feel free to ask any questions you need to! And there's no limit on alts who can have books. :D

Link us to your names here, when ready?

OK will do. I have a bit of a rush here with the holidays but I should be able to find some free time :D

No rush! The project has been going on for a couple years now, and I hope it continues at least that long. Whenever you're ready!

Ok I got started today while climbing Mt. laundry!

@Gilnean Hunter for my hunter Livingston.

If you want to, just go into 'account settings' and you can do it from there.

I have an overly long list of alts and their Twitter accounts over on my Tumblr.

I would also like to add that many of us on the Twitter project are not shy about taking Twitter RP in-game, as well, and cross-realm zones have made that so much easier to do now, because even if you play on a PvE server, you can be invited to an RP server by a Battletag friend. I have seen people from Moon Guard and even some PvE or PvP servers RPing on WrA.

Oh my goodness! It's Sunthistle and Solandis! I'm Jazek Revantusk and Dalkai Poisontusk/Tu'Lua Singetusk! :D

For those that haven't done this, I can't cheer it enough. Sometimes it's gets hard for me to keep up with all the tweets that aren't directed to me, but Twitter always will inform me if I get mentioned, so I can at least pay attention to those conversations. Their android app is quite good, too, and allows your phone to monitor all your accounts (if you have more than one) and switch between them without logging in and out. I love it!\

As Felknight said, you can also take it in-game. On at least one occasion, my rogue has whipped his book out, flipped through the pages, made note of something, and then ribbed another character in-game for something that was said in the tomes. Have fun with it!

Come say hi at and !

*runs through and add everyone*

Edited at 2012-12-19 01:38 pm (UTC)

Oh well hello there! Nice meeting you on LJ, too! :D

Been a long time since I rped last and this seems like a good way to do it. For anyone that wants to add me I'm @Valkiestrongsto

Yay! Welcome to the project! :D Adding you into my feed now...

If I had Twitter I'd be tempted. As it is I shall just have to keep annoying my guildies with random rp emotes (not on an RP server) ;P

Once in awhile if I say something on guild chat and no one replies I start rp emotes until I get someone to say something. It's a lot of fun:)

This is oddly tempting, especially since I haven't actually been able to play WoW in a while and kind of miss it.

Is there a hashtag or anything used for this? Following the hashtag might be an easy way for newcomers to find everybody!

Nope, no hashtags. Since everything is IC, you can follow other IC feeds, so you want to see all of the tweets, not just a subset of them. :)

I'll give it a try. I just signed up as @jadedpriestess BTW, why can't I use the same email twice for a twitter account? Do you really need one per account?

Followed! Supposedly you need a new email address for every account, but someone found a way around it. Apparently gmail ignores periods in your username, so is the same as is the same as, etc. So you could use periods in different places for your different accounts.

Thanks. I'll try that. Now to think of interesting things to post about...

Luckily even "boring" things can get RP going. Weather, what your character is doing IC right now (even just eating breakfast/lunch!). The book is very chatty sometimes (though other times it's all heavy, deep stuff).

I'm headed back into a meeting now, but I'll be sure to reply in a few hours! :)

I added my pally too. She's @PallyGraywords.

:) Ok, now what's the best way to see who is part of the project/doesn't mind my following them?

I'd go to one or both of these links:

And just go down the list and follow them all. No one will mind a new person (it's what keeps the project going!), and that way you don't have to guess active or not.

Did that. Just started posting. But now I have to figure out how to tag multiple people using the iPhone app X(

Sorry, I don't know anything about the app!

Stupid question but I'm assuming when you write in it you can see the name of the book that the person has given it?

Not a stupid question at all! If the name is "Joe Smith @MeatShield", the "MeatShield" is what you'd see, not the Joe Smith part (or the description of the twitter account or image icon). So only the @name is IC. :)

I didn't mention in my original post, but the covers of these books are blank, other than a single line. The person writes their book name there (the @name) and that's what everyone sees when their book connects up to the new book.

Ah ok. I wasn't sure what it would look like exactly when people respond.

It's never been decided if we should see the actual @ or not, but I'd think not, since it's something required by Twitter and not IC.

A new page appears when you get a new message, and in my mind the name is at the top of it.

Also, up to you or not, but your book may glow when you have a message in the front and/or back (so you OOCly have an excuse to look at it, even if your character is ICky busy).

One more question. If my friend finds one, and we only see the book name, I guess my char wouldn't know it was them unless they said so?

Right! ICly you might see their book while RPing something else. I do that with Thistle all the time, post about him holding his book with the cover facing out, 'Sunthistle' written in.

Ok. I didn't want my friend to write something and we auto knew that the other one was the person writing back.

Yeah, unless their name gives it away somehow there's no way to know. :)

Well, he might know from my Pallys name and figure out my priest from there. Would be fun to find out accidentally after writing something and having the char bring it up later.

*nodnods!* Whichever works for you guys. Thistle's name is Mikha Sunthistle, so his book name is easy to pin down as him.

I don't play WoW right now because I have no money for it (can't even afford to buy MoP), but this sounds super awesome and I'm tempted to RP as my character anyway.

Hmmm... *pensively strokes non-existent beard*

Do itttt! We have other folks who no longer play WoW, too. With so many other MMOs going free to play, lots of people are jumping ship. Whatever the reason, anyone is welcome to come join us. :)

If tome RP leads to "real" RP, there's always IM. A lot of us would rather RP on IM than in WoW anyway.

If you do, just post your Twitter name here so I can follow you!


This makes me so happy.

Once the insanity of Christmas dies down I might just do it. Ohboyohboy. I like the idea of IM RP, too!!

Great! Can't wait to write with you. :D



Human warrior/rogue when in-game. General smuggler/mercenary type, travels around a lot, a bit rough around the edges.

Followed, yay! Welcome to the project! Let me know if you have any questions at all. :)

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