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belf priest
maijay wrote in wow_ladies
so, I ate my fruitcake. While NOT wearing my hot garb. So if I eat my fruitcake on another character, will that give me the achievement across all of them, or do i need to submit a ticket to get my fruitcake back? Stupid fruitcake. *grumble*

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(Deleted comment)
You just ate a brick. You'll probably need to wait until the 25th to have the ability to eat another. :P

To answer your main question though, I *think* the world events are blue? I logged on my Horde the other day and got 'What a Long Strange Trip its Been' and I didn't do half of that crap on her.

Yep, all holiday achievements will count across all characters now.

Eating it on another character will count towards the meta. Ticketing a GM to get it back seems rather unlikely to work to get it on that toon anyhow, as it comes down to 'I didn't pay enough attention' which isn't something they tend to be too sympathetic to. You will, as others have pointed out, get more cake soon anyhow so don't fret too much about missing your chance for completionism on that character.

the hatter

in the past GM's have gladly replaced fruitcakes in the christmas spirit. but i did eat it on my hunter and got the achievement, so i'm relieved.

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