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Transmogrification Tuesday!
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netzgeek wrote in wow_ladies
It's Transmogrification Tuesday here at wow_ladies and I'd like to see what outfits everyone has been putting together!

Post pictures/links of your outfits below. Please list the names of the items used and where they were procured to aid the other wow_ladies' members on their own searches!

Shoulders: Death Speaker Mantle
Hands: Sterile Flesh-Handling Gloves
Chest: Elegant Robes
Waist: Serenity Belt
Weapon: Rosethorn Staff

Transmog Posting HTML:

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I actually have a new tmog to show off today, yay! This is Huyen, my latest alt. She's a fire mage, and I desperately wanted to tmog her out of the cloth heirlooms because I am super sick of seeing them. I also wanted to make a tmog that shows her off more as a fire mystic than your typical mage. So here we go!

Head: Black Mageweave Headband, Crafted by tailoring
Shoulders: Red Mageweave Shoulders, Crafted by tailoring
Hands: Runecloth Gloves (these are just my regular gloves atm, but I kinda like how they look with the outfit, so I may save them to tmog later.)
Chest: Crimson Silk Vest, Crafted by tailoring
Legs: Crimson Silk Pantaloons, Crafted by tailoring (can you tell yet that this toon is a tailor?)
Feet: Boots from RDF reward that I may keep for tmogging later.
Main Hand: The Chief's Enforcer from Chief Ukorz Sandscalp, Zul'Farrak

So cute! I love pandas in things that show off their cute bellies.

Request: Show me your tauren ladies moggles? My druid is a tauren (because troll druids look like a smushed box of crayons) but I don't like her much, which sucks because she's my main farmer. Was planning to mog her into a farmer (overalls, plaid shirt, hat etc) for giggles but ... meh? IDK, I had a look at the other day and didn't see many nicely moggled tauren ladies so I'd just like some inspiration.

Also: Geeky mail outfits? My shammy goblin is a proper geek, and I'd especially like to find her a geeky outfit that works with the MoP engineering goggles because they look awesome on her. But mail is such a tricky category, there's not a lot that actually looks geeky. :/

My other toons are pretty far from their moggles too, my warlock has an awesome outfit all picked out but with several parts from Ulduar 25 which I don't know when I'll have time to do. My main needs a new outfit, but I've already banged my head against that particular wall plently (goblin hunter with a sort of explosive theme, she likes to blow stuff up. A lot.) and just ... blargh. Transmog remains something I would be SO INTO ... "if only". If only it had less limitations, was less time-consuming and needing of full raids to acquire, if only I could do what I WANT to do with it.

My tauren druid! I had some old pieces from back in BC, and kept the staff from Naxx10 for a pop of color.

Thank you for sharing! She looks lovely, I do love that staff. :)

Did a very rushed Shado-pan transmog because the T14 Hunter shoulders were driving me nuts (SO UGLY) but I liked some of the details in the other pieces of the set and I was tired of using my ICC mog....

Head: Replica Shado-pan Helmet from Shado-pan Exalted
Shoulders: Mail Combat Spaulders green shoulders world drop? Bought on the AH, but they drop off mid 30s level mobs
Hands: Grips of the Leviathan from Garalon/HOF
Chest: Yaungol Slayer's Tunic from Empress Buglady/HoF
Waist: Fetters of Death from Gara-jal/MSV
Legs: Sword Dancer's Leggings from Blade Lord Tayak/HOF
Feet: Treads of Ardent Antagonism from Angry Sha is Angry - not 100% happy with it but the colors are close
Ranged: Tempestuous Longbow from Heroic Ox Temple - not quite the best match color wise, still working on that


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deri mog

my hunter, currently wearing a mix of the MoP dungeon set adn Ornate gear+ emberhawk crossbow. Also, matching pet! :P

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Ooh, those sets look awesome together! Nice match with the pet too, I love matching pets.

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