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Priest Healing at 90 (New)
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masquedwriter wrote in wow_ladies
Hi everyone,

Okay, so, basically I have a level 90 priest. I started her as a disc priest but got distracted by shadow around level 60 and haven't really played with my healing spec since. I find the idea of making another DPS toon kind of dull so I thought I'd work on getting her healing spec up and running. I've redone my keybindings/set up the appropriate glyphs and done some research into healing with her at 90 but I'm feeling very overwhelmed with getting started.

Any tips on how to go about getting good enough gear? Should I start in normal to just get back in the swing of things? Any other tips to make it not so overwhelming all at once?

I really wish I hadn't opted to play the DPS spec to 90. I feel completely out of it now.

Thanks for any advice.

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