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How big is the total download size of WoW + Expacs?
reezy bw
mistfarer wrote in wow_ladies
Hi ladies! I'm looking into getting back to WoW during my holiday break, but I'm already at my parents' house and I'm kind of dumb and didn't remember to bring my external (where my old WoW game is located). I want to download the game to my laptop, but I need to make sure I don't use all of my parents' bandwidth first. Does anyone know how big the total download size is?

Also, does anyone know a good link for a MoP for Dummies article/blog kind of thing? I stopped playing right before MoP launched, so I'm kind of at a loss right now. TY in advance!

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I just recently (just over a week ago) downloaded the WoW client again and it came down to something like 20-25 gigs. That's for the currently released client, so all the expansion stuff is available.

Fantastic, thank you! I think I should be okay on the bandwidth, so yay!

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