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UI Mod Monday!
Out of mana
frieliegh wrote in wow_ladies
puppy wrap

Morning, ladies! I hope wherever you are you're warm and dry.

This is not quite the last pre-Christmas UI post - I will have one up next week, but it being Christmas Eve I don't know how much use it will see. It will be there, though. =)

How'd everyone come through the last bit of code shuffling? Seemed like, for a maintenance patch, it broke an inordinate number of things.

So, UIs/mods this week - questions, comments, screenshots, discussion, whatever. Bring it on in, the coffee's on.

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(Deleted comment)
I use Weak Auras for this. It is the only aura I use and although Roger configured it for me, it didn't look difficult to do and works like a charm!

Does anyone have a favorite tutorial for setting up the new Power Auras?

I finally got the new version and... well. :)

What kind of auras are you trying to make? I need to get off my ass and make my monk's auras and I could possibly make a video for it too. Or possibly just a picture/ text walkthrough.

I've never really made any crazy in depth auras so as long as you don't need 12 things happening at once, I can probably make a walkthrough.

I mostly use it to track my bleeds for my kitty, yell at me when something's off cooldown and I haven't used it yet, etc.

I used it on my shaman to remind me when the optimal time for using Mana Tide was, my hunter to keep track of Serpent sting (and make sure I was using cobra shot often enough to keep it refreshed), my rogue to keep track of her various poisons and etc.

I AM leveling a mistweaver monk, with the intent of either dpsing or tanking on her, so I would be highly intrigued by monk auras too. :)

(I tend to be pretty simple, the shaman was the most complicated aura I had- it checked her mana percentage and whether mana tide was off cooldown- something I'd like to duplicate for my druid when he's resto)

Edit: I have also been meaning for some time to tell you- I love your icon. <3 (Chris Eccleston will always be my favorite Doctor, but Tennant did a mighty fine job. :3)

Edited at 2012-12-17 06:14 pm (UTC)

I'll see what I can manage to put together. Nothing sounds terribly complicated so I should be able to slap something together. I can do buffs/debuffs/procs, cooldowns and power (chi, shadow orbs, holy power etc) reasonably easy.

If I get around to doing this, I'll make a full post foe it.

That would be awesome!

I use LUI, which...doesn't really seem to display Chi in a useful manner (the bar always looks full to me, and searching their help forums has been less than useful), so I planned on doing something with PA, it's just the new interface. -.-

I'm actually more of a Matt Smith fan now. I adored David Tennant, and was so sad to see him go. But I am a Matt Smith fangirl now. So excited to see how Jenna Louise Coleman does as the new companion.

Alright, so I just changed over my UI and downgraded from using about 50 addons to using 26. My issue is that ElvUI and Prat 3.0 don't seem to work together. Anyone know how to solve this? I was considering switching back to Chatterer, but I'm afraid of running into the same issue.

I have not used Elv in some time, but I recall Chatterer being compatible.

Mmmmmk, I might try that then. I mainly just need something that tells me who's main an alt is since my guild is full of a lot of alts. (Everyone wanted to have their toons in the same place.)

My guild(s) use the built in guild-note system. But definitely give Chatterer a shot!

I'm surprised Prat's not compatible, honestly. :)

Oh, we have them noted in Guild notes as well, it just makes it easier when in Gchat to see [Altname][Mainname], so for me it would be [Jocqui][Zytakaikura] (my alt monk and my main hunter).

I am too! I've been looking around on Google at at the Tukui Forums but cannot find anything about making the two get along.

Specific chat improvement mod for ElvUI. Has everything Prat did, and more.

Does anyone know of an addon that will allow you to set favourite pets per character instead of per account? This can be either through the official pet-favouriting gold star thing, or by giving you something like a list of pets that you can click on to open their Pet Journal entry.

I have MiniPetQ, which works pretty well for summoning.

Battling's a bit harder, though. At the moment, I'm using PetBattle Teams, with the .toc changed to have SavedVariablesPerCharacter. I have one editable team, and their favourite pets in all the other teams. I then lock the other teams, and copy-drag any pets I want into the editable team. It kind of works, but it's not terribly elegant.

I think what I'd really like is something like PetBattle Teams, but without teams. Just a pool of pet icons that you can drag pets to, and if you click on them it takes you to their Pet Journal entry. Sadly, I don't have enough programming know-how to make it myself, though. I'm open to trying anything you think might help, though!

Edited at 2012-12-17 04:28 pm (UTC)

Livestock is mostly for random mounts/pets, but does allow you to select a custom list of pets to summon randomly for each character. You can also select a single favorite (through the addon; this does not favorite it in Blizzard's UI) per character, and have Livestock summon only that pet, if you prefer. It doesn't integrate with the pet journal at all, though, so it might not be what you want.

I use Pet Battle Teams too, and I have this tendency to swap them around like crazy because I'm gradually leveling something like 40 different pets, so as they level I move them around to rebalance the teams to approximately equal strength.

Why do you want to use different pets on different characters for pet battling? Summoning to follow you around I totally understand, since I do the same thing with a different list for each character, but it seems to me that using the entire pool of pets for battling is smarter, because it gives you more options.

Thanks for the Livestock suggestion, but MiniPetQ already lets me do that stuff :) It doesn't integrate with the pet journal in that way either, but it's good for summoning.

Why do you want to use different pets on different characters for pet battling?

Huh. That... actually, that's a pretty good question. I mean, the original plan was to have separate pet pools for each character, so they're all using pets that fit them, but yeah, that could be tricky. I think most, if not all, of my engineer's will end up being mechanical, etc.

I guess I got so hung up on the idea of having character-specific favourites for battling and summoning that it didn't even occur to me to Blizzard-favourite all the pets I'm training, and stick with the solution I'd already found for summoning.

Thank you very much! This was one of those times when having an outside perspective is really useful :)

You're welcome! I kind of figured that Livestock wasn't really going to help you much - but I'm glad that I helped somehow. :)

But I am a Matt Smith fangirl now. So excited to see how Jenna Louise Coleman does as the new companion.

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