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In-Game Memorial 12/16
nagaina_ryuuoh wrote in wow_ladies
Sunday evening at 9 PM server time/EST on Steamwheedle Cartel US, Steadfast will be hosting a small memorial service/moment of silence for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings. We will be assembling at the Antonidas Memorial in Dalaran. This gathering is neutral and cross-factional and all who are of a mind are welcome and invited to attend.

Solivar Eventide,
Guardian Loremaster of Steadfast

This is my server! I'm going to try to show up, it's not the greatest time for me, but I really appreciate what you're doing. I'll give this a signal boost over on Twitter if you don't mind?

That would be wonderful. Thank you!

I'm going to do my best to attend, and I will shout it over on Twitter as well! Thank you for doing this!!! <3

Sick but if I'm still awake, Mjau of Arcana Solarie will be there.

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