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my first Panda rare
ausmac wrote in wow_ladies
Had to share this for all the hunters out there.  Finally found one of the wandering invisible Panda beasts.  Hunted Portent for about half an hour and finally located his tracks.  Followed em, repeatedly casting out my flare, and finally located and tamed him.  And it was the purple version, which I particularly wanted.  Pretty boy...

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Congrats! I got him too, purely by fluke (saw his prints while doing the Golden Lotus dailies) and he's great. I am not at all a fan of the other skins, but that purple is just *sing-song* aaaaaawesooooooooome! :D

(And that brez is amazing! ;D)

lol thats when I saw the tracks too and ended up getting him as well, Purple for me, he is lots of fun


Did they happen to fix it where the tracks are facing the correct direction now?

They have--at least some of the time, I caught mine (and later found the green one and Stompy? The one in Kun Lai) with the tracks pointing the right way.

Just wanted to add that I've tracked a couple of rares just to confirm (as they were ones that already had). Does seem to be fixed. I know that at least Portent, Stompy, Bloodtooth and Glimmer all have tracks going the right way now.

Yes and no: "As of patch 5.1, pawprints (Savage, Bloodtooth, Bristlespine, Stompy, Rockhide, Portent) lead FORWARDS and clawprints (Glimmer, Patrannache, Hexapos) lead BACKWARDS. For backwards tracks, instead of following the toes, you follow the back of the prints to the next fresh one. This is counter-intuitive and will hopefully change in the future, since the pawprints are now correct. Bombyx's tracks have no front or back, so none of this applies to him." Taken from the petopia forums :)

Ooh this is quite pretty!

When I first found that rare it was the purple version too, but afterwards I decided I'd rather have the blue one. I must've killed seven more of those (most of them purple) before blue finally spawned. :(

Congrats! I have that version too! ^_^

Congrats! They're fun to track & tame, aren't they? I only wish we had more stable slots because I can't decide which of Portent's colors I like best... so every time I spot tracks I feel compelled to track him.

Grats! I recently tamed a green Portent on my alt hunter this week too! And yes, the tracks have been fixed as of 5.1 to be pointing in the correct direction they are walking.

Congrats! It took me a couple of weeks to finally grab Portent in purple.

Oh wow, congrats Mac! Linnia :)

Grats on your new pet! ^-^

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