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I'm having the same "problem", I guess it's just one of the many bugs that came with 5.1.

I... think I've had this issue as well? I switched from TukUI to ElvUI completely by accident and decided not to change back - I thought I was just noticing the message more with the different UI. Interesting.

i have this as well. it's weird.

I'm not certain if this is the same issue as yours but whenever I go from (for example) being on a mount or shape shifted to casting a spell, it won't cast the spell. It'll dismount me sure enough so this isn't one of those "you're mounted" things. I've never had that problem in the other expansions.

I don't remember experiencing that. I did have a similar issue with stealthing from a mounted position before the patch (hitting stealth would dismount me, make the sound and put stealth on cooldown, but I would not actually be stealthed) but that problem seems to have been fixed.

Well, I'm a healer so most of what I cast when coming unmounted or shape shifted are spells that have no CDs. Take away the CD part and that's what's been happening with me. Hit the spell, it un-wolfs me, and then says the spell isn't ready or some such thing.

Thank you for sharing ( ^_^ )

I've seen something like this. I thought it was my addon that puts pets out for me trying to do so while I was in the middle of something else. I forget what the name of the addon is but I got it from warcraftpets.

All I know is I don't have an addon like that. I guess it's not impossible for two different addons to cause it, but this thing is starting to sound like it's in the actual patch.

If you have a non-flying pet out, then go flying, then land, and do not dismount before casting or archaeology or whatever, then the default UI will try to put your pet back out -- but you are casting or doing archy or whatever, so... "I can't do that yet." I have been flying one of mine around lately and this got /very obvious/ because of what I was doing -- farming cloth, doing a little mining, archy if it was in zone, and pet battles.

(If I dismount before casting, however, it puts the pet out on the ground and I don't get that error. 100% reliable, in my case. It's the pet auto-re-display from the recent patch. May not be the OP's problem, but try using a flying pet that doesn't despawn if you get too high, and see if the problem occurs.)

!!! I'd been having the same issues with pets being auto-re-summoned, and figured that it was a choice between putting up with it or not having a pet out. It didn't occur to me to have a flying pet out. Thank you so much! <3 Now my characters can stop being lonely :)

I bet it has something to do with that world-yell bug, "THE ICE STONE HAS MELTED!" and as it's the wrong time of year, you're getting the message that you cannot do that yet. :DDDD

I keep getting a weird one on my druid, a "this is the wrong zone" message, whenever I go past a loading screen and am not in Pandaria.

Are you carrying any Tillers gifts around? (Marsh Lily, Blue Feather, etc.) I'd been having an issue with that (although, if I recall correctly, it was a "not ready yet" error whenever I crossed a CRZ border), and saw someone suggest that it was carrying certain combinations of them. Putting them in the bank or destroying them seemed to fix it. I don't know if it's the same bug as yours, but it's worth a try if you are carrying them.

I don't *think* I am, but I need to check my bags next time I'm on, otherwise idk.

I mean, it's not a debilitating or gamebreaking bug, it's just bizarre behavior with no apparent cause.

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I get that quite iften but it's been happening to me since long before the patch. I assumed it was an addon trying to do something but yeah, it would happen while I was doing nothing but flying and no addon should be doing anything so I don't know.

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