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"No, I can't do that yet"
WoW: Meragg, Horde
mipeltaja wrote in wow_ladies
Since the patch I've been getting occasional "that's still recharging" messages from my characters. At first I noticed it happening when casting portals and teleports on my goblin mage - he'd cast the spell just fine, but he'd also say "nah that's still recharging". Then the same thing started on my draenei mage, and now my troll druid just told me that while I was autoflying - meaning I didn't even touch anything (on the mages I'd suspected maybe the game was trying to cast twice or something). I asked my friend if he'd experienced the same and he said yes, on his priest.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Is it a bug in the game or is an addon perhaps known to cause this sort of thing? It's a minor thing that doesn't affect my gameplay, but it's still something that shouldn't happen.

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I'm having the same "problem", I guess it's just one of the many bugs that came with 5.1.

I... think I've had this issue as well? I switched from TukUI to ElvUI completely by accident and decided not to change back - I thought I was just noticing the message more with the different UI. Interesting.

i have this as well. it's weird.

I'm not certain if this is the same issue as yours but whenever I go from (for example) being on a mount or shape shifted to casting a spell, it won't cast the spell. It'll dismount me sure enough so this isn't one of those "you're mounted" things. I've never had that problem in the other expansions.

I don't remember experiencing that. I did have a similar issue with stealthing from a mounted position before the patch (hitting stealth would dismount me, make the sound and put stealth on cooldown, but I would not actually be stealthed) but that problem seems to have been fixed.

Well, I'm a healer so most of what I cast when coming unmounted or shape shifted are spells that have no CDs. Take away the CD part and that's what's been happening with me. Hit the spell, it un-wolfs me, and then says the spell isn't ready or some such thing.

Thank you for sharing ( ^_^ )

I've seen something like this. I thought it was my addon that puts pets out for me trying to do so while I was in the middle of something else. I forget what the name of the addon is but I got it from warcraftpets.

All I know is I don't have an addon like that. I guess it's not impossible for two different addons to cause it, but this thing is starting to sound like it's in the actual patch.

If you have a non-flying pet out, then go flying, then land, and do not dismount before casting or archaeology or whatever, then the default UI will try to put your pet back out -- but you are casting or doing archy or whatever, so... "I can't do that yet." I have been flying one of mine around lately and this got /very obvious/ because of what I was doing -- farming cloth, doing a little mining, archy if it was in zone, and pet battles.

(If I dismount before casting, however, it puts the pet out on the ground and I don't get that error. 100% reliable, in my case. It's the pet auto-re-display from the recent patch. May not be the OP's problem, but try using a flying pet that doesn't despawn if you get too high, and see if the problem occurs.)

!!! I'd been having the same issues with pets being auto-re-summoned, and figured that it was a choice between putting up with it or not having a pet out. It didn't occur to me to have a flying pet out. Thank you so much! <3 Now my characters can stop being lonely :)

I bet it has something to do with that world-yell bug, "THE ICE STONE HAS MELTED!" and as it's the wrong time of year, you're getting the message that you cannot do that yet. :DDDD

I keep getting a weird one on my druid, a "this is the wrong zone" message, whenever I go past a loading screen and am not in Pandaria.

Are you carrying any Tillers gifts around? (Marsh Lily, Blue Feather, etc.) I'd been having an issue with that (although, if I recall correctly, it was a "not ready yet" error whenever I crossed a CRZ border), and saw someone suggest that it was carrying certain combinations of them. Putting them in the bank or destroying them seemed to fix it. I don't know if it's the same bug as yours, but it's worth a try if you are carrying them.

I don't *think* I am, but I need to check my bags next time I'm on, otherwise idk.

I mean, it's not a debilitating or gamebreaking bug, it's just bizarre behavior with no apparent cause.

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I get that quite iften but it's been happening to me since long before the patch. I assumed it was an addon trying to do something but yeah, it would happen while I was doing nothing but flying and no addon should be doing anything so I don't know.

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