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Pitbull LUA Issue
kurt kiss umbrella
icanbeurbestbet wrote in wow_ladies
I use Pitbull for my unit frames and I'm wanting to combine Absolute Short and Percent for Power. I'm a healer and I really cannot stand having the clunkiness of the long number and I love percent. Anywho, I've messed around with the LUA for awhile and just can't seem to get the hang of it and I'm terrible at it. My Player frame just keeps going completely blank everytime I try and mess with it or tweak to combine Absolute Short and Power. Can anyone help me? Please?

/sugar cookies. =]

Edit: Found a very old post here about Health Lua and figured out how to turn dogtags on and now I'm okay. I was literally trying everything I could for an hour and now feel incredibly dumb since dogtags are SOOOOOOOOOOO easy and for having wasted my own time. Blah.
(I wasn't sure if I should delete this or not, the only reason I found out how to fix it myself though was from googling it a million different keywords and stumbled upon here. Maybe this can help someone else one day?)


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