silentsamael (silentsamael) wrote in wow_ladies,

Commissions are open!

Why hi there!

Just making a post to let peeps know that my commissions are once again open :D Below are examples, prices, and all that jazz.

Here are some WOW related examples!

My newest bit of art, drawn for Xanthequine on Deviantart:

Much older art of my long-deleted DK!:

I also take Non-wow related commissions if that is your pleasure!

My MLP:Friendship is Magic OC, Cirrus:

My character Quartz:

Ref Sheet of my OC EELface:

Cute Snuggles:

You can find my prices HERE and my TOS here:OVER HERE

If you have any questions or would like to get down to business you can reach me here or on DEVIANT ART

Yay, thanks for reading!
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