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Commissions are open!
silentsamael wrote in wow_ladies
Why hi there!

Just making a post to let peeps know that my commissions are once again open :D Below are examples, prices, and all that jazz.

Here are some WOW related examples!

My newest bit of art, drawn for Xanthequine on Deviantart:

Much older art of my long-deleted DK!:

I also take Non-wow related commissions if that is your pleasure!

My MLP:Friendship is Magic OC, Cirrus:

My character Quartz:

Ref Sheet of my OC EELface:

Cute Snuggles:

You can find my prices HERE and my TOS here:OVER HERE

If you have any questions or would like to get down to business you can reach me here or on DEVIANT ART

Yay, thanks for reading!

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I have no moneys with which to comission you, but your art is wonderful, and amagerd Tauren!! <3<3<3

easrhjblejr I kind of reaaallllyyyy want to commission you but Christmas season is eating all the monies. How long will you be open?

Well, thank you for the interest! It's extremely likely that I will be open after Christmas, and even if I am not "open-open" and you are willing to wait for the current que to finish, I can slot you in at the start of the new que :)

I have a couple questions about your pricing and turn around so I'll send you a note on DA. :D

Edited at 2012-12-13 06:10 pm (UTC)

Received and formulating and answer! :D

I like your art!

Um...this is going to sound EXTREMELY odd/random but in regards to your MLP you RP them on Equestria Daily? >_>


I actually hadn't thought about it! I don't have an account there or anything but I may go check it out :D

Oh, haha, no then. Different derp xD

I advise against the use of the word "derp"!

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