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We - my boyfriend and I - are unable to log on at this time. He is checking battlenet, and I came right here! We got some odd kind of error message, though.

uh- locally, I am in Maine. We were trying to log on to wyrmrest accord, however, which is 3 hours away.

Error 132 fatal exception? That's the error message I'm getting.

Yeah, it's a client-side issue all over the forums right now.

My husband called customer support. It's exactly what you found, the 64 bit client is down right now, switch to 32 bit and you can log on np. They're working on a message and fix.

Wierd. I didn't have any issues, but I guess it was because I already was on?

I'm also on the 64 bit with no issues and I logged in 30mins ago.

I've been on and off all night on the 64 bit version for the mac. Seems to have only affected PC versions. Don't know if that explains your situation though. ;)

PC person here. Probably what it was, since I was already connected and I didn't have the issue connecting, was that they fixed the problem by the time I logged off and read wow_ladies. Who knows though.

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Same - Windows 7 64Bit, and had no issues the last 48 hours with the 64Bit client.

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